Unleash Your Imagination with Humble’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age Comic Bundle

Dive into the Expansive Universes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age with an Affordable Collection of Digital Graphic Novels

Fans of BioWare’s iconic RPG franchises, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have long awaited the release of new games in these beloved series. While the anticipation continues, there is a way for fans to continue immersing themselves in the rich and captivating worlds of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Humble’s latest offering, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age Comic Bundle, provides an opportunity to explore these universes through a collection of digital graphic novels at an unbeatable price.

Unveiling the Bundle:

Humble’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age Comic Bundle offers up to 18 digital graphic novels for just $18, making it an irresistible deal for fans of these legendary franchises. However, the bundle also includes multiple payment tiers, allowing customers to choose the level of content they desire.

The Journey Begins:

For as little as $1, fans can embark on their journey with two digital comics: Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption and Dragon Age: Dark Fortress. Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption follows the adventures of Liara T’Soni, a prominent character in the Mass Effect series, as she navigates the events between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Dragon Age: Dark Fortress, on the other hand, introduces readers to a captivating three-issue story arc featuring both new and familiar characters, including the formidable elf warrior Fenris from Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Delving Deeper:

By paying a minimum of $10, fans can unlock an even greater array of content. This tier includes the $1 tier comics, as well as Mass Effect Volumes 2 and 3, the first volume of Mass Effect: Foundation, and Dragon Age: Magekiller and Dragon Age Volume 1: The Silent Grove. Readers can further immerse themselves in the intricate narratives and compelling artwork that have made these franchises so beloved.

The Ultimate Experience:

For those seeking the complete collection, a payment of $18 or more unlocks the full 18-comic bundle. This tier allows fans to explore every corner of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age universes, providing hours of entertainment and deepening their understanding of the lore.

Accessibility and Convenience:

The digital comics included in the bundle are available in PDF, CBZ, and ePUB file formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices such as Kindles, phones, computers, and tablets. This allows fans to enjoy their favorite stories whenever and wherever they choose.

Supporting a Worthy Cause:

In addition to providing fans with an exceptional deal, Humble’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age Comic Bundle supports the Child’s Play Charity, an organization dedicated to providing game consoles to children’s hospitals. By purchasing this bundle, fans not only gain access to incredible content but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

More Bundles to Explore:

Humble offers a diverse range of book bundles, catering to various interests. Alongside the Mass Effect and Dragon Age Comic Bundle, readers can discover collections focused on science fiction novels by John Scalzi, the iconic Doctor Who series, the beloved Scott Pilgrim, and the whimsical Adventure Time.


The Mass Effect and Dragon Age Comic Bundle from Humble presents an exceptional opportunity for fans to continue their exploration of these cherished RPG franchises. With a vast array of digital graphic novels available at an unbeatable price, readers can dive deeper into the captivating worlds of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Whether you choose to pay $1, $10, or $18, this bundle offers an immersive and affordable experience that will delight fans and newcomers alike. Don’t miss out on this chance to unleash your imagination and support a worthy cause. Grab your digital comics before the bundle ends on December 4th.






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