Tudor Pro Cycling Reveals BMC Teammachine R as Their Bike of Choice for the 2024 Season

Workshop build video showcases the meticulous assembly process and spec choices of Tudor Pro Cycling’s new BMC Teammachine R

Tudor Pro Cycling has unveiled their bike of choice for the upcoming 2024 season, showcasing a sleek black and orange version of the BMC Teammachine R. With AG2R La Mondiale ending their partnership with BMC, Tudor Pro Cycling now stands as the highest-ranking team to ride BMC bikes in the WorldTour. The team aims to achieve WorldTour status by 2026. Alongside the bike launch, a workshop build video has been released, providing an in-depth look at the assembly process and the components Tudor Pro Cycling will be using.

Tudor Pro Cycling’s Spec Choices: SRAM Red AXS and Press-Fit Bottom Bracket

Tudor Pro Cycling has opted for the SRAM Red AXS groupset for their BMC Teammachine R. Notably, BMC has chosen to stick with a press-fit bottom bracket for this model, contrary to the industry trend of reverting to threaded bottom brackets or the new T47 standard. The workshop build video demonstrates the installation of SRAM Red cranks into a PF86 bottom bracket, showcasing the team’s preference for this design.

Fully Internal Brake Hoses: A Premium Bike Design Feature

The workshop build video also offers a glimpse into the process of installing and setting up the fully internal brake hoses on the BMC Teammachine R. These hoses are fed through the bars and the headset, a design choice that has become increasingly common in premium bikes. While it may simplify the bike’s aesthetics, it also introduces complications for adjustments and maintenance, as any home mechanic can attest.

Collaboration with RedBull Advanced Technologies: Rider Feel as a Priority

The BMC Teammachine R was developed in collaboration with engineers from RedBull Advanced Technologies (RBAT), drawing on their expertise from Formula 1. RBAT emphasized the importance of rider feel in the design process, infusing the bike with characteristics derived from their experience in the high-performance racing world. The Teammachine R has been hailed as a versatile “bike for all parcours,” designed to excel in various race conditions.


Tudor Pro Cycling’s choice of the BMC Teammachine R for the 2024 season marks a significant partnership in the WorldTour. The workshop build video provides an inside look at the meticulous assembly process and highlights the team’s spec choices, including the SRAM Red AXS groupset and the press-fit bottom bracket. The fully internal brake hoses add to the bike’s premium design, although they may introduce complexities for maintenance. With collaboration from RedBull Advanced Technologies, the Teammachine R aims to offer exceptional rider feel and versatility across all race parcours. As Tudor Pro Cycling sets its sights on achieving WorldTour status by 2026, the BMC Teammachine R serves as a powerful tool for their ambitions.






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