Tim Bradley Urges David Benavidez to Move Up and Face Dmitry Bivol

Former champion believes Benavidez should challenge Bivol for the WBA light heavyweight title

Former world champion Tim Bradley has suggested that David Benavidez should move up to the light heavyweight division and take on WBA champion Dmitry Bivol in his next fight. Bradley argues that Benavidez, known for his size and power, would not be undersized in the 175-pound division. He also believes that Canelo Alvarez is avoiding a fight with Benavidez and will handpick his opponents for his remaining three fights. However, the main obstacle to a Benavidez-Bivol matchup is Bivol’s upcoming title defense against Lyndon Arthur and his potential desire to face Artur Beterbiev next. Despite the challenges, Bradley maintains that Benavidez should pursue a fight with Bivol to further increase his popularity.

Sparring success and the potential challenge

Bradley highlights that Benavidez had reportedly hurt Bivol during their sparring sessions, giving him confidence for a potential fight. However, Bradley cautions against overconfidence, as sparring and actual fights can be vastly different. Benavidez’s size advantage, which he has enjoyed throughout his career, could be diminished at light heavyweight, posing a new challenge for him. Bradley references Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. as an example of a fighter who struggled when moving up in weight to face opponents of similar size.

Benavidez’s ability to make weight and potential success at 168

At just 26 years old, Benavidez has shown an ability to drain down to 168 pounds and still perform well. Bradley acknowledges that Benavidez’s size advantage has played a significant role in his success at the weight class. However, he also notes that if Benavidez can maintain his weight at 168 for his entire career, he would likely continue to achieve success due to his physical attributes.

Putting pressure on Canelo Alvarez

Bradley suggests that to put pressure on Canelo Alvarez for a potential fight, Benavidez should consider facing David Morrell or John Ryder. By defeating either of these opponents convincingly, Benavidez can claim that he is doing a better job than Canelo against the fighters he has faced. However, Bradley acknowledges that Benavidez’s father, Jose Benavidez Sr., has expressed reluctance to the idea of his son fighting Morrell. Ryder, on the other hand, could be an easier opponent to secure, given his age and recent performances.

Canelo’s reluctance and potential future fights

Bradley suggests that Canelo Alvarez may not want to face Benavidez, as he believes the Mexican superstar wants to control the business and make his own choices for his remaining fights. Bradley emphasizes that Canelo doesn’t need belts to sell fights and may opt for more lucrative matchups rather than facing Benavidez. However, Bradley and Chris Algieri both express concern that if Canelo avoids fighting Benavidez after facing Jaime Munguia, it would be a significant disappointment for boxing fans.

Conclusion: Tim Bradley’s recommendation for David Benavidez to move up and face Dmitry Bivol presents an intriguing possibility for the young fighter. While Benavidez’s success in sparring against Bivol is promising, the challenges of moving up in weight and facing opponents of similar size cannot be ignored. Furthermore, the reluctance of Canelo Alvarez to face Benavidez adds an additional layer of complexity to the situation. Ultimately, the decision lies with Benavidez and his team, as they navigate the path towards securing high-profile fights and potentially challenging the biggest names in the sport.






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