The Rise of TikTok Dating Experts: Empowering or Regressive?

Exploring the controversial wave of dating experts on TikTok and their impact on modern dating norms

In the vast ocean of content on TikTok, there is a peculiar phenomenon that has captured the attention of millions: the rise of dating experts. These self-proclaimed authorities offer advice on love, relationships, and attracting a wealthy partner. Among them is Shera Seven, a YouTube livestreamer who has gained fame for her unconventional and often controversial tips on marrying rich. While some find these dating experts entertaining and empowering, others argue that their advice is regressive and perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. This article delves into the world of TikTok dating experts, exploring their popularity, the impact of their advice, and the complexities of modern dating norms.

The Paradox of Shera Seven and the Wave of TikTok Dating Experts

Shera Seven, also known as the “sprinkle sprinkle” lady, has become a sensation on TikTok with her witty and humorous dating advice. However, she is just one of many dating experts on the platform who offer tips to frustrated single women. These experts, often labeled as regressive and nihilistic, have gained a significant following by tailoring their content specifically to TikTok’s format and engaging viewers with controversial statements. While some of their advice may be seen as empowering, many argue that it reinforces traditional gender roles and undermines feminist dating norms.

The Controversial Advice and Its Impact

TikTok dating experts offer a range of advice, from avoiding certain zodiac signs to attracting wealthy partners. Some promote gender essentialism, while others advocate for a “battle-of-the-sexes” approach to dating. Many of these experts also express anti-sex work and anti-women sentiments, shaming women for their choices and appearance. While some viewers find solace in their advice, others criticize these experts for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting transactional relationships. The popularity of their videos reflects a disillusionment with the gamified nature of dating apps and a desire for alternative ways to find a partner.

The Appeal of TikTok Dating Experts

The growing popularity of TikTok dating experts can be attributed to various factors. Many young women, burdened by wage stagnation and the cost-of-living crisis, are searching for ways to alleviate their economic and personal strains. The idea of finding a wealthy partner who can provide financial stability becomes enticing, even if it may seem regressive. Additionally, some argue that people’s views on gender roles are more complex than they admit. While many claim to seek equal partnerships, their ideal dating lives often reflect more conventionally gendered dynamics. This discrepancy highlights the tension between societal expectations and personal desires.

The Role of Dating Apps and the Disillusionment with Modern Dating

The rise of TikTok dating experts can also be seen as a reaction to the disillusionment with modern dating norms. Dating apps have transformed the way people meet and interact, often leading to a sense of disposability and a constant search for someone better. The virtual nature of these platforms can make it easier for individuals to forget the humanity of others, treating them as mere profiles rather than real people. This, coupled with frustrations towards dating app companies’ handling of safety concerns, has pushed some individuals towards seeking alternative approaches to finding love.


The emergence of TikTok dating experts has sparked a debate about the complexities of modern dating norms. While some find their advice entertaining and empowering, others argue that it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and undermines progress towards gender equality. The popularity of these experts reflects a yearning for alternative ways to navigate the dating landscape, driven by disillusionment with dating apps and economic strains. Ultimately, the appeal of these videos lies in their ability to provide an escape from the realities of life, even if their worldview is seen as bleak. As society continues to evolve, it is crucial to critically examine the messages propagated by these experts and strive for relationships based on mutual respect and equality.






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