The Point: A New Living and Working Community to Replace State Prison in Draper

Plans unveiled for a transformative development project in Draper, Utah, set to begin construction next spring.

Construction on a groundbreaking new living and working community, known as The Point, is set to commence next spring in Draper, Utah. The project, which will span 600 acres, aims to transform the site where the state prison once stood into a vibrant and innovative space that offers a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities. With plans including office spaces, retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, housing, parks, and trails, The Point is poised to become a hub of activity and a model for sustainable development. The collaboration between The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority and private development company Innovation Point Partners (IPP) marks a significant milestone in the realization of this ambitious project.

A Community Designed with Utahns in Mind

The development of The Point has been guided by the input of Utah residents. The State Land Authority took into account 16,000 responses from Utahns, ensuring that the project aligns with their needs and aspirations. Alan Matheson, executive director for the state land authority, emphasized the importance of this community-driven approach, stating that “This is a state project, which means all residents of Utah are owners of it, and we wanted to make sure that what we do makes their lives better.” By incorporating the feedback of Utahns, The Point aims to create a community that truly benefits its residents.

A Multifaceted Development Plan

The development plans for phase one of The Point are expansive and diverse, encompassing a wide range of amenities and infrastructure. The project will include over 3,300 housing units, with 400 of them designated as affordable housing. Additionally, 16 acres of parks and open spaces will be created, ensuring that every home is within close proximity to a park or trail. The project will also feature 6 miles of roads and 10 miles of sidewalks and trails, including the River-to-Range trail, which will connect the Jordan River Parkway to other trails leading to Provo Canyon.

A Thriving Business District

The Point is not only designed for residential living but also aims to foster economic growth and job creation. The development plans include over 2.32 million square feet of office space, providing a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. With the creation of 14,000 high-quality local jobs, The Point seeks to contribute to the economic vitality of the region. Additionally, the project will feature a 540-room hotel and a 60,000 square-foot events center, offering opportunities for tourism and entertainment.

Sustainability at the Core

The Point is committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices. The development plans incorporate low-water landscaping and low-water use appliances to minimize water consumption. Buildings will be rated for energy efficiency, ensuring that the community reduces its carbon footprint. By prioritizing sustainability, The Point sets an example for future developments and addresses concerns about the impact of population growth on the state.

Funding and Collaboration

The Utah Legislature has invested $165 million in The Point, which will be repaid with interest over time using revenue generated from the property. This funding will be used for infrastructure development, including major utility installations and the creation of a new river-to-mountain range trail. The collaboration between the State Land Authority and Innovation Point Partners ensures that the project is managed effectively, with IPP investing $2.3 billion in the development.


The Point represents a transformative vision for the site of the former state prison in Draper, Utah. With a comprehensive development plan that includes housing, parks, office spaces, and retail outlets, The Point aims to create a vibrant and sustainable community. By incorporating the feedback of Utah residents and prioritizing environmental considerations, this project sets a new standard for thoughtful and inclusive development. As construction begins next spring, the realization of The Point promises to bring economic growth, job opportunities, and enhanced quality of life to the residents of Draper and the wider Utah community.






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