The Crown Season 6: Fact vs Fiction in Netflix’s Royal Drama

As The Crown enters its final season, viewers question the blurred line between fact and fiction in the acclaimed royal drama.

Netflix’s hit series, The Crown, has captivated audiences with its dramatized portrayal of the British royal family. However, as the show moves closer to the present day, the distinction between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurry. With the release of season six, which delves into the late Nineties and early Noughties, viewers are left wondering how much of the on-screen events are based on truth. This article explores the key storylines of the latest season and separates fact from fiction.

Diana’s Role with Tony Blair’s Government

The Crown depicts Diana’s desire for a more formal role in Tony Blair’s government, mirroring real-life discussions between the Princess of Wales and the Prime Minister.

In episode one of season six, Diana meets with Tony Blair and expresses her interest in serving the country as a public servant. While the show dramatizes their conversation, it is based on real-life discussions between Diana and Blair. After Diana’s death, Downing Street confirmed that she had visited Blair at Chequers, where they discussed a special role for her as an overseas ambassador for Britain.

Queen Elizabeth’s Reluctance to Accept Camilla

The Crown portrays Queen Elizabeth’s initial reluctance to accept Camilla, reflecting the real-life tensions surrounding Prince Charles’ relationship with his now-wife.

At the beginning of season six, Charles expresses his frustration with the public’s demonization of Camilla. He asks the Queen if she received an invitation to Camilla’s birthday, to which she replies that she cannot attend. While the show takes some creative liberties, Queen Elizabeth’s initial resistance to Camilla is well-documented. However, over time, the Queen grew closer to Camilla, and it was announced before her death that Camilla would become queen.

Dodi Fayed’s Engagement to an American Model

The Crown introduces Dodi Fayed’s engagement to an American model, reflecting real-life events surrounding his relationship with Diana.

In The Crown, Dodi is shown engaged to an American woman before meeting Diana. While this storyline may seem fictional, it closely mirrors the real-life claims of model Kelly Fisher, who alleged that she was engaged to Dodi when he met Diana. Fisher dropped her breach-of-contract lawsuit against Dodi following his death.

Diana’s Close Relationship with Paparazzi on France Yacht Trip

The Crown portrays Diana’s complex relationship with the paparazzi during her trip on Dodi’s father’s yacht, reflecting real-life accounts of her interactions with the press.

During Diana’s time on the Fayed yacht in France, The Crown depicts her confrontations with the paparazzi. While the show takes some creative liberties, former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown claimed that Diana often tipped off the press and willingly participated in photo opportunities. Photographer Daniel Pirrie also confirmed that Diana invited him to photograph her on holiday with Dodi in France.

Mohamed al Fayed’s Role in Securing Kiss Photo

The Crown presents Mohamed al Fayed as instrumental in securing the iconic photo of Diana and Dodi’s kiss, aligning with real-life accounts of his involvement.

Throughout season six, Mohamed al Fayed is shown deeply invested in his son Dodi’s relationship with Diana. While the show may exaggerate his role, biographer Tom Bower recalled how Al-Fayed allegedly revealed his involvement in securing the photographs of Dodi and Diana.

Dodi’s Proposal to Diana on the Night They Died

The Crown depicts Dodi’s proposal to Diana on the night of their tragic deaths, echoing real-life speculation surrounding their relationship.

In The Crown, Dodi proposes to Diana on the night they die in a car crash. While this specific event may be fictional, it is known that Dodi purchased an engagement ring before their deaths. Mohamed al Fayed claimed that Dodi planned to propose to Diana during their vacation.

Prince William Goes Missing in Balmoral After Diana’s Death

The Crown portrays Prince William’s emotional turmoil and temporary disappearance following Diana’s death, reflecting real-life accounts of his grief.

The Crown depicts Prince William’s anguish and anger at his family’s response to Diana’s death. While it is not confirmed whether William went missing, he did stay in Balmoral with his grandmother after his mother’s passing. In a recent visit to Scotland, William described that period as one of the saddest moments of his life.

Conclusion: As viewers delve into the final season of The Crown, the line between fact and fiction becomes increasingly blurred. While the show takes creative liberties to create a compelling narrative, it is important to separate the dramatized events from the real-life accounts. The Crown serves as a reminder that even in the world of entertainment, the truth can be subjective and open to interpretation.






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