Teofimo Lopez Rejects Paltry Purse Offer for Fight with Ryan Garcia

Junior welterweight titlist expresses offense at the low payday proposed for a potential bout against Garcia

Teofimo Lopez, the former unified lightweight champion, has made headlines by rejecting a fight offer from Ryan Garcia due to a paltry purse. Lopez, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, expressed his dissatisfaction with the proposed $1.5 million payday, stating that it did not reflect his worth as a top-tier fighter. As the boxing world eagerly awaits the next steps for both fighters, Lopez’s decision raises questions about fair compensation in the sport.

A Disparaging Offer

Teofimo Lopez revealed his rejection of the fight offer during the David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade card in Las Vegas. While he did not disclose the source of the offer, speculation arose regarding whether it came from his promoter, Top Rank, or Garcia’s promoter, Golden Boy. Lopez’s decision to decline the fight stemmed from his belief that the proposed purse did not adequately recognize his status as a top fighter. He emphasized his value in terms of major sponsors, endorsements, and business deals, suggesting that a $1.5 million offer was far below his expectations.

The Next Steps

When asked about his plans moving forward, Teofimo Lopez cryptically stated that his next move would be a “worldwide takeover.” He expressed a desire to expand his reach beyond traditional boxing markets, mentioning his fan base in Africa and his interest in fighting in Italy. Lopez’s enigmatic response hints at his intention to take control of his career and seek opportunities outside of the conventional boxing landscape. His decision to step back from fighting for the time being, citing unmet demands, adds to the intrigue surrounding his future plans.

From Trash Talk to Garbage Collection

Teofimo Lopez’s recent social media post comparing the pay in boxing to that of garbage collection gained significant attention. In it, he claimed that collecting garbage paid better than fighting. This statement further highlights his frustration with the compensation structure in the sport and suggests that he feels undervalued. Lopez’s outspokenness, coupled with his refusal to accept a low purse, raises important questions about fair pay and financial security for professional boxers.

A Career of Controversy

Lopez’s decision to reject the fight offer comes on the heels of one of the biggest wins of his career. In June, he secured a dominant decision over Josh Taylor, earning Taylor’s WBO 140-pound title. The victory silenced critics who doubted Lopez’s ability to perform under pressure. However, immediately after the fight, Lopez caused a stir by announcing his retirement, only to backtrack on that statement later. This pattern of enigmatic behavior adds another layer of complexity to his recent rejection of the fight offer.

Garcia’s Path Forward

While Teofimo Lopez contemplates his next move, Ryan Garcia is preparing for his 140-pound debut against Oscar Duarte. The 25-year-old rising star from Victorville, California, is looking to bounce back from a high-profile loss to Gervonta Davis in April. With Garcia’s career trajectory still promising, the potential fight between him and Lopez could have generated significant interest and excitement in the boxing world.


Teofimo Lopez’s decision to reject a fight offer from Ryan Garcia due to a low purse reflects the ongoing issue of fair compensation in professional boxing. As a top-tier fighter with major sponsors and endorsements, Lopez believes that his worth exceeds the proposed $1.5 million payday. His enigmatic behavior and desire for a “worldwide takeover” add intrigue to his future plans. Meanwhile, Garcia continues his journey in the sport, seeking redemption after a recent loss. The boxing world eagerly awaits the next chapter in both fighters’ careers and the resolution of the compensation debate that looms over the sport.






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