Squint Raises $13 Million in Series A Funding to Revolutionize AR-based Workflows

Squint, a startup focused on augmented reality (AR) technology, has secured $13 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia, with participation from Menlo Ventures. The company aims to simplify and enhance business workflows by leveraging AR and generative AI-based interactions.

Apple and Google’s foray into smart augmented reality technology has paved the way for new experiences and opportunities in the field. Squint, a startup founded by Devin Bhushan, is capitalizing on this trend by offering a platform that connects users with the right information at the right time. Initially targeting business users, Squint enables organizations to build AR-based workflows, allowing users to use their smartphone or tablet cameras to interact with physical objects in their work environment. The platform provides step-by-step instructions, log sheets, and generative AI-based interactions to enhance productivity and efficiency. With a focus on eliminating the search bar and streamlining information retrieval, Squint has already gained traction with major enterprise customers such as Volvo, Siemens, and Colgate-Palmolive.

Squint’s Journey from Splunk to AR Workflow Management

Devin Bhushan, the founder and CEO of Squint, conceived the idea for the company while working as an engineering manager at Splunk. He helped develop Splunk AR, a tool that allowed users to map data analytics onto physical machines for real-time monitoring. While the concept received positive feedback, Bhushan realized that customers were looking for AR solutions beyond data visualization. This realization led him to found Squint, with the goal of bringing AR to a wider audience. Squint’s approach differs from Splunk’s, focusing on object detection, content creation, and more dynamic workflows.

The Advantage of Squint’s Dynamic and Specific Workflows

While there are existing solutions for industrial and hands-on roles, Squint offers a more dynamic and specific approach. Businesses can easily create workflows tied to specific actions and areas of a machine’s system. The platform’s AI capabilities cover object recognition, workflow management, and generative AI for interactive question-and-answer interactions. This level of customization and flexibility sets Squint apart from traditional methods such as pre-loaded apps or manuals.

A Strong Support Network and Promising Investors

Bhushan’s journey with Squint began with incubation at Menlo Ventures, where he received guidance and support from Tim Tully, a partner at the firm and former CTO of Splunk. Through Menlo Ventures, Squint became acquainted with the Sequoia team during their participation in Arc, Sequoia’s early-stage program for mentoring startups. Both Menlo Ventures and Sequoia have invested in Squint, highlighting the potential they see in the company.

The Future of AR in Offline Workflows

Jess Lee, a partner at Sequoia, believes that Squint’s innovative approach to AR-based workflows is timely and essential for skilled laborers. The ability to access information and guidance through AR technology can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in various industries. Lee envisions a future where technology seamlessly integrates into offline workflows, making AI and AR tools indispensable for workers in different roles.


Squint’s $13 million Series A funding round marks an important milestone for the company as it continues to revolutionize AR-based workflows. With its focus on dynamic and specific workflows, Squint offers a unique solution for businesses looking to enhance productivity and streamline information retrieval. The support from investors like Sequoia and Menlo Ventures underscores the potential of Squint’s technology. As AR and AI continue to advance, Squint’s vision of eliminating the search bar and transforming offline workflows becomes increasingly feasible. The integration of technology into everyday work processes has the potential to revolutionize industries and empower workers with the right information at the right time.






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