Republicans Introduce Bills to Enhance Transparency and Accountability at the Southern Border

Rep. Ashley Hinson leads the charge to address child trafficking and improve reporting practices

As the issue of border security continues to divide Congress, Republicans in the House are taking a stand by introducing two bills aimed at increasing transparency and accountability at the southern border. Led by Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa, these bills address the urgent need to tackle child trafficking and improve reporting practices. With border security becoming a focal point of this Congress, Republicans are pushing for reforms to the asylum system while advocating for supplemental funding for Ukraine.

Preventing the Recycling of Immigrants is Necessary for Trafficking Suspension (PRINTS) Act:

One of the proposed bills, the PRINTS Act, seeks to empower Customs and Border Patrol agents by granting them the authority to take fingerprints of minors aged 14 and younger. This measure aims to crack down on child trafficking and the practice of “recycling,” wherein individuals bring children across the border, falsely claiming them as relatives to appear as a family unit. Supporters of the bill argue that it will protect vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, leading the PRINTS Act in the Senate alongside Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, emphasizes the importance of addressing child trafficking. She states that “abusing and using a child again and again is one of the most heinous acts imaginable,” and believes that the bill will equip border agents with the necessary tools to identify victims of child recycling and put an end to this abuse.

Southern Border Transparency Act:

The second bill, known as the Southern Border Transparency Act, aims to enhance reporting practices by mandating the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue reports on the number of migrants paroled into the country at each point of entry, categorized by demographics and ethnicity. Additionally, the bill calls for the reporting of data on the number of migrants at these entry points who were subjected to expedited removal, granted voluntary departure, or other processes.

Rep. Hinson argues that the Biden administration’s approach to asylum laws has contributed to the border crisis. She believes that catch-and-release and mass amnesty have been expanded, enabling the abuse of the asylum system by illegal immigrants, all while keeping the full extent of these practices hidden from the American people. The Southern Border Transparency Act aims to shed light on these practices and provide the public with a comprehensive understanding of the border crisis.


With Republicans in the House taking a proactive stance on border security, the of these two bills marks a significant step towards increasing transparency and accountability at the southern border. The PRINTS Act addresses the urgent need to protect minors from child trafficking, while the Southern Border Transparency Act seeks to provide the American people with a clearer picture of the border crisis. As the debate over border security continues, these bills offer potential solutions to the challenges faced at the southern border. Fox News Digital has reached out to the Biden administration for comment on the Republican efforts to tighten asylum laws.






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