Reds Sign Martinez to Bolster Bullpen: A Closer Look at the Two-Year, $26 Million Deal

Cincinnati adds depth to their pitching staff with the acquisition of right-hander Martinez

The Cincinnati Reds have made a significant move to strengthen their bullpen, signing right-handed pitcher Martinez to a two-year, $26 million contract. Martinez, who opted out of the final two years of his previous deal with the San Diego Padres, brings reliability and versatility to the Reds’ pitching staff. With an increased salary and an opt-out option after the 2024 season, Martinez is poised to make a significant impact in Cincinnati.

1: A Consistent Performer in San Diego

During his tenure with the Padres, Martinez showcased his reliability and consistency on the mound. Over the past two seasons, he recorded a respectable 3.45 ERA and 1.27 WHIP in 216.2 innings pitched. His versatility was evident, appearing in 110 games, including 19 starts. While his save conversion rate was not perfect, with only nine saves out of 16 opportunities, Martinez excelled in the role of a setup man, accumulating 23 holds, 15 of which came last year, a career-high.

2: Adding Depth to an Already Strong Bullpen

The Reds already boast one of the top closers in baseball with Alexis Diaz, and they further solidified their bullpen by signing Emilio Pagan to a one-year, $8 million contract just a day before acquiring Martinez. Pagan, who has experience as a setup man, will provide valuable support to Diaz. With Martinez now in the mix, the Reds have added another reliable arm to their bullpen, giving them multiple options for high-leverage situations.

3: Flexibility in Role

While the Reds primarily signed Martinez to bolster their bullpen, his versatility allows him to contribute in various roles. He can serve as a setup man alongside Pagan, providing valuable support to Diaz in closing out games. Additionally, Martinez’s experience as a starter gives the Reds the option to utilize him in spot starts or as a long reliever when needed. This flexibility will be crucial throughout the long and grueling MLB season.

4: Continued Pursuit of Pitching Upgrades

The acquisition of Martinez is not the end of the Reds’ pitching overhaul. Rumors have circulated that Cincinnati is actively pursuing additional pitching options during the offseason. With the signing of Martinez and Pagan, the Reds have already taken significant steps to fortify their bullpen. However, their continued pursuit of pitching upgrades suggests that they are committed to building a formidable pitching staff capable of competing at the highest level.


The Cincinnati Reds’ signing of Martinez to a two-year, $26 million contract is a significant move that bolsters their bullpen and adds depth to their pitching staff. Martinez brings reliability, versatility, and experience to the team, making him a valuable asset in high-pressure situations. With an already strong closer in Diaz and the recent addition of Pagan, the Reds have assembled a formidable bullpen. However, their pursuit of additional pitching upgrades indicates their commitment to building a championship-caliber team. As the 2022 MLB season approaches, the Reds are poised to make a splash in the highly competitive National League Central division.






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