Protecting Democracy: Ensuring the Strength of our Election System in 2024

State and Local Leaders Must Take Action to Safeguard the Right to Vote

In less than 12 months, the American people will once again have the opportunity to exercise their democratic right at the ballot box. However, the events of January 6, 2021, and ongoing efforts to undermine our faith in democracy have highlighted the need for a determined effort to protect our election system. While pro-democracy election laws have been passed in some states, it is crucial for state and local officials to take action now to ensure the integrity and accessibility of our elections in 2024.

Making Voting Accessible and Transparent

A healthy democracy relies on the participation of all eligible voters. To achieve this, elected officials must prioritize making voter registration as easy as possible. This can be done through the use of social media to share online registration websites and partnering with local media to publicize voter registration drives at popular events. Collaboration with local businesses can also encourage workers and patrons to register. Additionally, transparency is key when it comes to mail-in voting. Online tracking systems should be implemented and promoted to allow voters to monitor the progress of their absentee ballots from the moment they request them until they are counted.

Making Voting Easy

The record-breaking voter turnout in 2020 demonstrated the importance of making voting as convenient as possible. Election officials should build on the progress made during the pandemic by maintaining the accessibility of voting options. Where vote by mail is permitted, efforts should be made to educate residents on how to utilize this option effectively. Early voting, which has gained popularity, should also be expanded, allowing voters to cast their ballots at central voting locations in counties during the early voting period. Additionally, special attention should be given to historically disenfranchised groups, ensuring that polling centers and secure drop-boxes are conveniently located and accessible.

Protecting Votes, Voters, and Election Officials

The safety and security of our election system rely on the protection of votes, voters, and election officials. Shockingly, a nationwide survey conducted in 2022 revealed that nearly a quarter of local election officials experienced threats, violence, or harassment. Such behavior cannot be tolerated. Election officials must collaborate with community leaders and law enforcement to ensure the safety of all election workers. Prosecutors should also be involved in prosecuting cases of election interference, including threats of violence, voter harassment, and interference, to the fullest extent of the law.

Furthermore, election officials must be vigilant in countering misinformation and false narratives. They should promptly provide correct information through all available channels and address falsehoods directly. Transparency about the voting process can also help combat misinformation. Public testing of voting machines before elections, open to the public and journalists, can engage stakeholders and debunk arguments from bad-faith actors seeking to undermine elections. Additionally, conducting post-election risk-limiting audits, which involve publicly hand-counting a sample of paper ballots, can demonstrate the accuracy of the mechanical counting method and restore public confidence in elections.


As we approach the 2024 elections, it is imperative that state and local officials take proactive steps to protect the right to vote and ensure the strength of our election system. By making voting accessible and transparent, making voting easy, and protecting votes, voters, and election officials, we can safeguard the integrity of our democracy. The American people have shown their commitment to protecting democracy in the past, and with the concerted efforts of officials at all levels, we can continue to uphold the principles upon which our nation was founded. There is no time to lose.






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