Players Can Sculpt Their Own Electric Guitar Body

Harley Benton Unveils Five New Wooden Electric and Bass Guitar DIY Kits

Harley Benton, a renowned instrument brand, has recently released five new wooden electric and bass guitar DIY kits, allowing musicians to build and customize their own guitars from scratch. Among these kits, the Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit Square stands out as it invites players to carve and shape the body of the guitar themselves, providing a unique and personalized experience. With a range of options and finishes available, these kits empower musicians to unleash their creativity and craftsmanship in the comfort of their own homes.

The Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit Square

The Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit Square offers players the opportunity to sculpt their own guitar body according to their preferences. The kit includes a C-shaped maple neck, an amaranth fretboard, and two humbucker pickups, ensuring a versatile and rich tone. The square-shaped body is left entirely up to the player to shape, allowing for complete customization. Whether they prefer a natural finish or want to showcase their woodworking skills, this kit provides a unique and exciting project for guitar enthusiasts.

The Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit TL T-Style

For those who prefer a classic T-style guitar, the Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit TL T-Style is an excellent choice. This kit features a semi-hollow T-style guitar body made of pine-nut-hued wood. With two single-coil pickups and a Rengas body, maple neck, and amaranth fretboard, this kit offers the iconic twang associated with T-style guitars. Similar to other kits, players can opt for a natural finish or paint the guitar to their liking, creating a truly personalized instrument.

The Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit MB-Style

Bassists looking for a DIY project can explore the Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit MB-Style. This kit features a maple neck with a Double Action Truss Rod for durability and precision, along with an amaranth fretboard. With 2-volume and 1-tone controls, bassists can fine-tune their sound to suit their preferences. The sleek design, including chrome hardware and diecast tuners, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

The TE-LH Kit for Left-Hand Players

Harley Benton also caters to left-handed players with their TE-LH kit. This kit features a solid wood body with a base coat of wood filler, allowing players to shape the headstock to their liking. The maple neck, fitted with 22 frets, provides a comfortable playing experience. Two ceramic single-coil pickups, a chrome-colored bridge, and die-cast tuners complete the package, ensuring left-handed players have access to high-quality instruments.


The ST-LH DIY kit offers a walnut-colored, single-cut design made of solid wood. Like the other kits, players can shape the headstock to their preference. With three ceramic single-coil pickups, a two-point synchronized tremolo, and die-cast tuners, this kit provides a versatile range of sounds and options. The chrome-colored hardware adds a touch of elegance to the instrument’s appearance.


Harley Benton’s new wooden electric and bass guitar DIY kits offer musicians the opportunity to build and customize their own instruments. From shaping the body to choosing the finish, these kits provide a unique and personal touch to the guitar-building process. With a range of options available, including left-handed models, musicians of all skill levels can embark on a creative journey to craft their dream guitar. Harley Benton’s commitment to quality and affordability ensures that these DIY kits are accessible to a wide range of musicians, enabling them to bring their musical vision to life.






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