LG and Odeon Multicines Unveil World’s First 100% LED-Equipped and Dolby Atmos-Ready Cinema Complex

LG Business Solutions and Odeon Multicines collaborate to bring cutting-edge technology to the cinema industry

In a groundbreaking move that is set to revolutionize the cinema experience, LG Business Solutions and Odeon Multicines have joined forces to open a state-of-the-art cinema complex in Majadahonda, Spain. This innovative venture marks the world’s first cinema complex that is 100% equipped with LG Miraclass LED technology and Dolby Atmos sound capabilities. With its superior display quality, immersive sound, and energy-efficient climate solutions, this new cinema complex is set to redefine the way audiences enjoy movies on the big screen.

LG Miraclass LED Technology: A Visual Marvel

The centerpiece of this cutting-edge cinema complex is LG’s Miraclass LED technology. With over eight million pixels and a pitch of 2.5mm, this LED cinema display offers unparalleled visual clarity and color accuracy. Capable of displaying up to 68.7 million different colors, this new generation of screens provides a visual feast for moviegoers. The Miraclass LED technology also boasts ten times the brightness of traditional cinema projection systems, ensuring a captivating and immersive viewing experience. Additionally, the self-luminescent pixels of the Miraclass LED technology deliver purer blacks and infinite contrasts, further enhancing the visual impact of each frame.

Dolby Atmos Sound: Immersive Audio at Its Finest

To complement the stunning visuals, the new Odeon cinema complex is equipped with Dolby Atmos sound capabilities. Dolby Atmos is a revolutionary audio technology that creates a three-dimensional sound experience, enveloping the audience in a cocoon of sound. With its precise placement and movement of audio objects, Dolby Atmos allows viewers to feel as though they are truly a part of the on-screen action. This immersive audio technology enhances the emotional impact of movies, bringing them to life in a way that was previously unimaginable.

Enhanced Comfort and Energy Efficiency

In addition to the cutting-edge visual and audio technologies, the Odeon cinema complex also prioritizes audience comfort and energy efficiency. LG Business Solutions’ Multi V climate solutions are integrated into the venue, ensuring optimal air conditioning throughout the screening rooms. The Multi V system includes air handling units with direct expansion batteries, allowing for easy control of temperature, humidity, and air quality. This not only enhances the comfort of moviegoers but also reduces energy consumption, making the cinema complex more environmentally friendly.

Versatile Screening Rooms for Every Audience

The Odeon cinema complex offers a range of screening rooms to cater to different audience sizes and preferences. Three of the rooms feature 55 square meter screens with LG Miraclass 4K LED quality, offering a capacity of between 60 and 120 seats. These larger screens provide a truly immersive experience for blockbuster movies and visually stunning films. The remaining screens are smaller, accommodating up to 40 people with a screen area of 14 square meters. This versatility allows for a diverse range of movie screenings, ensuring that every film finds its perfect audience.


The collaboration between LG Business Solutions and Odeon Multicines has resulted in the world’s first cinema complex that is 100% equipped with LG Miraclass LED technology and Dolby Atmos sound capabilities. This groundbreaking venture brings together cutting-edge visual and audio technologies to provide a truly immersive and captivating movie-watching experience. With its emphasis on audience comfort and energy efficiency, the Odeon cinema complex sets a new standard for the future of cinema. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for enhancing the cinematic experience are limitless, and LG and Odeon Multicines are at the forefront of this exciting revolution.






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