LCHS Equestrian Team Shines at Interscholastic Equestrian League Season Opener

Competitors from LCHS Display Skill and Creativity at Hansen Dam Horse Park

The Interscholastic Equestrian League Season kicked off with a bang as competitors from the La Cañada High School (LCHS) Equestrian Team showcased their talent and creativity at the Hansen Dam Horse Park in Southern California. With a change in format this year, the season promises more opportunities for riders to excel and represent their schools. The LCHS team made a strong showing at the opening weekend, with several riders placing well in various categories.

Elle Rohs and Caroline Crastz Impress in Freshman Class

Returning senior Elle Rohs made a memorable Halloween-themed return to the IEL, dressing her horse Freddie as Sven and herself as Olaf from the beloved movie “Frozen.” Rohs showcased her skills by securing a sixth-place finish in the freshman class of Handy Hunters, competing against over 50 riders. Another standout in the freshman class was Caroline Crastz, who claimed fifth place in Equitation Over Fences in Show No. 1 and 11th place in Working Hunter in Show No. 2.

Kaylee Thornburgh Excels in Junior Jumper Varsity

Junior Kaylee Thornburgh showcased her talent in the Junior Jumper Varsity category, impressing the audience with her performance. Over the two-day competition, Thornburgh secured third, fourth, and 12th place finishes, navigating jumps measuring 3 feet, 3 inches high on her horse Fidelio.

Novice Class Success for Chloe Calix and Aditi Iyer

In the Novice Class, eighth grader Chloe Calix demonstrated her skill by securing an eighth-place finish in Equitation Flat. Freshman Aditi Iyer also made her mark in the Novice Class, claiming 12th place in Working Hunter. Additionally, newcomer Evelin Wade displayed courage and composure in her first appearance at the IEL, leaving a lasting impression on the judges.

Katelyn Holford Shines in Dressage

The youngest member of the LCHS Equestrian Team, seventh grader Katelyn Holford, represented her school with grace and skill in the Dressage category. Holford’s exceptional performance earned her a second-place finish in Training Level No. 3 Test in Show No. 1. Dressed in a Winnie the Pooh onesie for Halloween, Holford continued to impress, securing a fourth-place finish in Training Level No. 2 Test in Show No. 2.

Conclusion: The LCHS Equestrian Team has started the Interscholastic Equestrian League Season on a high note, with several riders showcasing their talent and creativity at the opening weekend. As the season progresses, the team looks forward to building on their success and hopes to have even more members compete in the upcoming rounds of the IEL shows. The dedication and skill displayed by the LCHS riders are a testament to their hard work and passion for equestrian sports.






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