Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía Fuel Dating Rumors with Smoking Hangout

The Bear” actor and Spanish singer spotted together again, sparking speculation about their relationship status.

Jeremy Allen White, known for his role in “The Bear,” and Rosalía, the renowned Spanish singer, were recently spotted together in West Hollywood, adding fuel to the ongoing dating rumors surrounding them. TMZ obtained photos of the pair chatting in a parking lot and enjoying a smoke break, raising eyebrows and igniting further speculation. While this encounter may seem like life imitating art for Jeremy, who often smokes on-screen, it has only intensified the curiosity surrounding their relationship. Despite their public outings, the two have yet to confirm or deny their romantic involvement.

A Familiar Connection

Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía engaged in conversation and shared a smoke break during their recent hangout. The sight is reminiscent of Jeremy’s character’s frequent cigarette breaks amid restaurant chaos in “The Bear.” Although less dramatic, the scene adds an intriguing parallel to their real-life encounter.

A Friendly Farewell

After their conversation, Jeremy and Rosalía bid each other farewell with a warm hug but no kiss, surprising fans who know Jeremy to be affectionate when interested in someone new. While the lack of a romantic gesture may disappoint some, their continued connection raises questions about the nature of their relationship.

The Bouquet Mystery

Last month, Jeremy was spotted at a public farmer’s market with a large bouquet of flowers, prompting speculation that they may have been intended for Rosalía. This previous sighting, combined with their recent rendezvous, further fuels the belief that there is something more than friendship between them.

Navigating Divorce

Adding another layer of intrigue, Jeremy is currently going through a divorce from his wife, Addison Timlin, with whom he shares two children. Despite their separation, Jeremy and Addison continue to co-parent amicably, often appearing together as a family. This amicable dynamic raises questions about the timing and nature of Jeremy’s connection with Rosalía.

Embracing the Spotlight

Jeremy Allen White has never shied away from sharing details of his personal life. As his career continues to flourish, his public persona will undoubtedly attract even more attention. With his growing success in the entertainment industry, Jeremy’s personal relationships will likely become a subject of increased speculation.


Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía’s recent encounter in West Hollywood has only added to the ongoing rumors about their romantic involvement. While they have yet to confirm or deny their relationship, their continued hangouts and shared moments have sparked curiosity among fans. The mystery surrounding Jeremy’s divorce and his growing success in the industry only heighten the intrigue surrounding his connection with Rosalía. As the public eye remains fixed on their interactions, only time will tell if these two will address the dating rumors or continue to keep their relationship under wraps.






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