Israeli Ministry Calls for Volunteers to Save Agricultural Sector

Ministers unite to address labor shortage on Israeli farms amid various challenges

Ministers from various political parties in Israel have joined forces to launch a call for volunteers to assist in the country’s agricultural sector. Spearheaded by Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Moshe Abutbul, the initiative aims to address the labor shortage caused by factors such as military service, safety concerns, and closures imposed by the Palestinian Authority. The Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry is funding logistical costs to bring in volunteers and support their accommodation, transportation, and food expenses. This joint effort seeks to bridge the gap until permanent workers can be recruited, with the ministry also encouraging public sector organizations to contribute to the agricultural effort.

Covering the costs for volunteers:

Recognizing the urgent need to support Israeli farms, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry has pledged to cover the logistical costs associated with bringing in volunteers. These expenses include transportation, accommodation, and food for the volunteers. By providing this financial assistance, the ministry aims to alleviate the strain faced by the agricultural sector until a more sustainable workforce can be established. The initiative also extends support to volunteer efforts from public sector organizations, further strengthening the collaborative approach to address the labor shortage.

Political unity in the agricultural effort:

Ministers from various political parties, including Likud, Shas, the Religious Zionist Party, United Torah Judaism, Yisrael Beytenu, National Unity, and Labor, have come together to endorse Deputy Minister Abutbul’s initiative. This united front demonstrates the recognition of the severity of the situation and the importance of collective action to safeguard Israel’s agricultural sector. Construction and Housing Minister Yitzhak Goldknopf highlighted the participation of employees from the Israel Lands Authority, emphasizing the broad support for the volunteer effort.

Soldiers and schools join the cause:

In addition to volunteers from the public sector, soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have also stepped up to assist Israeli farmers. Lt. Hila Wilf of the IDF’s national mission chapter highlighted the involvement of soldiers in the agricultural effort, emphasizing their commitment to supporting local farmers. Local schools have also encouraged their students to volunteer, further contributing to the collective endeavor.

How to get involved:

Individuals interested in participating in the agricultural volunteer effort can register on the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry’s website. Alternatively, they can contact the ministry’s hotline at *6016 to express their interest and receive further information on how to contribute. The ministry’s website serves as a central hub for volunteer registrations, streamlining the process and ensuring efficient coordination between volunteers and farms in need of assistance.


The joint call for volunteers from ministers across Israel’s political spectrum reflects the collective determination to save the nation’s agricultural sector. By addressing the labor shortage through volunteer efforts, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry aims to bridge the gap until permanent workers can be recruited. The financial support provided by the ministry and the participation of public sector organizations, soldiers, and local schools underscore the broad commitment to supporting Israeli farmers. This collaborative approach not only helps sustain the agricultural sector but also fosters a sense of unity and resilience in the face of challenges. As volunteers come forward to lend a helping hand, the future of Israel’s agricultural sector looks brighter, bolstered by the collective efforts of the nation.






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