Imax and Pathé Cinemas Announce Expansion of Large-Format Theaters in Europe

Imax and Pathé Cinemas have signed a deal to install five new large-format theaters with laser projection systems across the Pathé cinema network in Europe, including four locations in France.

Imax and French movie theater group Pathé Cinemas have joined forces once again to bring the immersive experience of large-format theaters to audiences across Europe. The partnership will see the installation of five new theaters with state-of-the-art laser projection systems, enhancing the cinematic experience for moviegoers. Additionally, Imax and Pathé have agreed to showcase three upcoming Pathé movies across the Imax network, further expanding the content portfolio of both companies.

Expanding the Imax Network:

Imax, known for its cutting-edge technology and immersive cinematic experience, is set to expand its presence in the French cinema market. The new deal with Pathé Cinemas will see the installation of five large-format theaters with laser projection systems across the Pathé cinema network in Europe. While the specific locations for the new installations have not yet been disclosed, the announcement promises to bring the Imax experience to more audiences in France and beyond.

Enhancing the Cinematic Experience:

Imax’s partnership with Pathé Cinemas goes beyond the installation of new theaters. The companies have also agreed to collaborate on showcasing three upcoming Pathé movies across the Imax network. This move highlights Imax’s commitment to diversifying its content portfolio and providing audiences with a wide range of cinematic experiences. The partnership follows the successful screening of a concert film featuring the popular French band Indochine as part of Imax’s Filmed for Imax program.

A Global Theatrical Release:

One of the notable projects resulting from the Imax and Pathé collaboration is the filming of a classical ballet stage performance of Swan Lake. Co-produced by Paris Opera and Pathé Live, the film will be choreographed by Rudolf Nureyev and captured using Imax proprietary cameras. The production is set to receive a global theatrical release at the end of 2024, offering audiences around the world the opportunity to witness the beauty of this iconic ballet on the big screen.

Strategic Priorities and Premium Experiences:

Imax CEO Rich Gelfond sees the partnership with Pathé Cinemas as a way to advance two key strategic priorities for Imax: expanding their network in the thriving French cinema market and diversifying their content portfolio. The collaboration with Pathé allows Imax to offer moviegoers in Europe emotional and immersive experiences within their cinemas. Pathé Cinemas Chairman Aurélien Bosc also expressed enthusiasm for the expanded partnership, highlighting the opportunity for moviegoers to enjoy exclusive live content in Imax theaters and reinforcing Pathé’s premium strategy.


The partnership between Imax and Pathé Cinemas marks an exciting development in the world of cinema. With the installation of five new large-format theaters and the collaboration on showcasing upcoming Pathé movies, both companies are poised to provide audiences with unforgettable cinematic experiences. The global theatrical release of the filmed production of Swan Lake further solidifies the commitment to bringing high-quality content to the big screen. As Imax continues to expand its network and diversify its content portfolio, moviegoers can look forward to an even more immersive and captivating cinematic experience in the years to come.






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