How to Pack Beauty Products for Travel: Expert Tips for Streamlining Your Routine

As travel becomes more accessible, beauty enthusiasts face the challenge of packing their beloved cosmetics and skincare products for their trips. The fear of leaving behind a favorite item or having to discard it at airport security is a real concern. However, with the right strategies and expert tips, packing beauty products for travel can be a breeze. This article will provide you with professional advice from celebrity makeup artists on how to streamline your routine and bring all your essentials with you.

Opt For Multitasking Makeup Products

When packing for your trip, it’s essential to choose multitasking makeup products that can serve multiple purposes. Celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli suggests opting for tinted moisturizers, sunscreen primers, and lip, eye, and cheek pots. These products not only save space but also allow for easy and versatile makeup looks while on the go.

Choose Creams Over Powders

Cream-based makeup products are not only convenient but also safer to travel with. Celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani recommends using creams instead of powders, as they are less likely to break during transit. Creams also offer more flexibility and allow for experimentation, providing a natural finish. However, if you must bring powder palettes, Scibelli advises securing them together with a rubber band to prevent cracking.

Invest In A Cosmetic Case

To keep your makeup organized, investing in a quality cosmetic case is crucial. Scibelli suggests a padded case with multiple compartments, such as the Cosmetics Bag from Away. Look for a case that offers features like a detachable brush holder and transparent pockets for efficient organization of your makeup and skincare products.

Separate Makeup, Skin Care & Hair Care Products

For ease and convenience, it is best to separate your beauty products by their intended use. Makeup artist Violette recommends packing one bag for makeup and another for skincare and hair care items. This separation not only reduces stress but also allows for easy access when unpacking. When it comes to liquid products, clear bags or ziplock bags are ideal for shorter trips, ensuring compliance with TSA regulations.

Condense Your Skin & Hair Care Routines

Traveling is not the time for an extensive skincare routine. Consider condensing your steps or opting for multipurpose products. Scibelli suggests using two-in-one moisturizers that contain sunscreen for daytime and built-in serums and antioxidants for nighttime. Violette also emphasizes the versatility of many skincare products that can be used for the body, face, and even hair.

Opt For Travel-Sized Skin Care Products

To save space, opt for travel-sized versions of your favorite skincare products. If travel-sized options are not available, invest in a kit of travel-sized bottles to transfer your products. For thicker creams, Violette recommends using space-saving plastic containers, like those from Muji. Additionally, skincare sets curated for travel provide a convenient and cohesive skincare routine while taking up minimal space.


Packing beauty products for travel doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these expert tips, you can streamline your routine and bring all your essential cosmetics and skincare products with you. Opt for multitasking products, choose creams over powders, invest in a quality cosmetic case, separate your products by use, condense your skincare routine, and opt for travel-sized products when possible. With these strategies, you can travel confidently, knowing that your beauty routine is intact.






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