Honda Retains Highest Residual Value Among Mainstream Auto Brands, According to ALG

Civic, Accord, CR-V, and Passport Lead Their Segments in Residual Value

Honda has once again solidified its position as a leader in the automotive industry, with ALG recognizing the brand for its exceptional value retention. ALG, a renowned industry forecaster for new vehicle depreciation, has projected that Honda will retain the highest value after three years of ownership compared to any other mainstream auto brand. This recognition highlights Honda’s commitment to delivering long-lasting value to its customers.

Honda’s Measured Approach to Product Releases and Trim Levels

Honda’s success in retaining value can be attributed to its measured approach in releasing new products, trim levels, and powertrains. By carefully evaluating market demands and trends, Honda ensures that its offerings align with customer preferences, leading to increased desirability and retained value.

Civic: The Epitome of Fun and Technology

The Honda Civic, a beloved compact car with a rich 50-year history, has once again secured ALG’s residual value award in the Compact Car segment. The latest iteration of the Civic is hailed as the most fun-to-drive and technologically advanced model to date. Its consistent recognition by ALG underscores its enduring appeal and value in the market.

Accord: Sleek Design and Advanced Hybrid System

With its sleek design and advanced sporty hybrid system, the 2024 Honda Accord has earned an ALG award in the Midsize Car segment. The Accord’s combination of style, performance, and fuel efficiency has made it a perennial favorite among consumers, further solidifying its value retention.

CR-V: Sporty and Modern Adventure

The 6th-generation Honda CR-V has once again proven its worth by winning the ALG award in the Compact SUV segment. The CR-V’s sporty and modern interior, coupled with its adventurous and fun-to-drive experience, have made it a top choice for buyers seeking versatility and reliability.

Passport: Unmatched Off-Road Capability and On-Road Dynamics

For the fifth consecutive year, the Honda Passport has emerged victorious in the ALG Midsize SUV 2-Row segment. The 2024 Passport offers a remarkable combination of off-road capability and nimble on-road dynamics, making it a standout option for adventure enthusiasts. Its consistent recognition by ALG highlights its enduring value and appeal in the market.


Honda’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its customers has once again been recognized by ALG. With the highest projected residual value among mainstream auto brands, Honda’s Civic, Accord, CR-V, and Passport continue to lead their respective segments. Honda’s measured approach in releasing new products, trim levels, and powertrains has contributed to its success in retaining value. As Honda continues to innovate and introduce new models, it is poised to maintain its position as a leader in the automotive industry, offering customers long-lasting value and driving enjoyment.






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