Fact vs. Fiction: Unraveling the Truth Behind “The Crown” Season 5

As the final season of “The Crown” captivates audiences, experts weigh in on the accuracy of the show’s portrayal of historical events.

The latest season of the hit Netflix series “The Crown” has once again sparked debate over its depiction of real-life events. With a focus on the final days of Princess Diana and the impact of her death on the royal family, the show has drawn both praise and criticism from royal experts. While some argue that the show takes unnecessary liberties with the truth, others appreciate its ability to capture the essence of historical moments. In this article, we delve into the fact and fiction behind “The Crown” Season 5, exploring the accuracy of key scenes and the reactions they have evoked.

Separating Fact from Fiction: Diana and Dodi Fayed

“The Crown” Season 5 portrays a scene where Princess Diana turns down Dodi Fayed’s marriage proposal shortly before their fatal car crash. While it is true that Fayed purchased a ring before the crash, there is no evidence to suggest that he ever proposed to Diana. The absence of an engagement ring at the crash site, as confirmed by the Operation Paget report, further supports this. Some experts argue that the show missed an opportunity to showcase the dramatic truth instead of inventing dialogue and situations.

Prince William’s Mysterious Disappearance

In one episode, “The Crown” depicts Prince William taking an extended walk on the Balmoral estate and not returning for 14 hours, leading to a frantic search. However, there is no concrete evidence to support the occurrence of this incident. While Prince William has spoken about finding solace in the Scottish outdoors, the specific incident portrayed in the show appears to be fictionalized.

Diana and Dodi’s Press Conference

“The Crown” portrays Diana being grilled about photos of her and Dodi Fayed kissing during a press conference in Bosnia. However, eyewitness accounts suggest that the media’s obsession with their relationship did not begin until after the press conference. The infamous photo of their embrace was only published a day or so later. This adjustment in the timeline raises questions about the accuracy of the show’s portrayal.

Charles and Camilla: Fictionalized Relationships

“The Crown” takes creative liberties with the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. In one episode, Charles throws a birthday party for Camilla, seeking Queen Elizabeth II’s approval. However, this event never happened, as Charles had already divorced Princess Diana the previous year. The show’s fictionalized portrayal of the relationship raises concerns about the blurring of fact and fiction.

Real-Life Moments: Fisher’s Visit and Public Outrage

While “The Crown” has faced criticism for its fictionalized scenes, some moments depicted in the show are based on real events. For example, the show accurately portrays Kelly Fisher, Dodi Fayed’s fiancée, visiting him on his yacht while he was also involved with Princess Diana. Fisher later expressed her anger at being kept hidden. Additionally, the public’s anger and outcry over Queen Elizabeth II’s initial lack of response and emotion following Princess Diana’s death are accurately depicted, according to some experts.


“The Crown” Season 5 continues to blur the lines between fact and fiction, captivating audiences while also sparking controversy. While some scenes accurately reflect real events, others have been fictionalized for dramatic effect. The show’s portrayal of historical figures and events has drawn both praise and criticism from royal experts. As viewers immerse themselves in the final season, it is important to remember that “The Crown” is a work of fiction, albeit one loosely based on historical events.






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