Enzo Hincapie and Enzo Edmonds: The Rising Stars of American Cycling

Two young Enzos show promise in the world of cycling, following in the footsteps of their famous fathers.

Enzo Hincapie and Enzo Edmonds, two teenage cyclists, are making waves in the world of American cycling. With their impressive skills and dedication to the sport, they are poised to join the ranks of young American talent in the European pro peloton. Both Enzos come from cycling backgrounds, with fathers who have left their mark on the sport. As they continue to hone their skills and gain experience, their aspirations of representing the US in the Olympics and World Championships are well within reach.

Following in Their Fathers’ Footsteps

Fifteen-year-old Enzo Hincapie, son of George Hincapie, grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, immersed in a cycling culture. George Hincapie, a former professional cyclist with a 19-year career, is known for his wins and podium finishes in major European races. Enzo Hincapie cites his father as his biggest inspiration and has been training with him, learning the importance of hard work and appreciating the sport. Enzo Hincapie also benefits from the guidance of Bobby Julich as his coach and the opportunity to ride with experienced cyclists like Christian Vande Velde.

Sixteen-year-old Enzo Edmonds, hailing from Brooklyn, began his cycling career in the Junior 9-10 division in Central Park. He joined the Star Track youth cycling club, which has a history of nurturing young talent. Edmonds’ racing career took off when he won the CRCA Hincapie Classic, a race named after a former racer who also started his career in New York City. Edmonds credits his early success to the support and guidance of former professional cyclist John Eustice.

Embracing Different Disciplines

Star Track, the youth cycling club that Edmonds is a part of, introduces young riders to racing on the velodrome. Edmonds enjoys the thrill of track racing, flying around corners at high speeds without brakes. While he has found success on the track, Edmonds also recognizes the importance of diversifying his skills and experiences in different disciplines of cycling.

Gaining European Experience

Edmonds had the opportunity to live, train, and race in Europe, furthering his development as a cyclist. He stayed with cycling families in France and Belgium, immersing himself in the cycling culture of these countries. The experience provided him with a deeper understanding of the sport and valuable insights from his hosts. The guidance and support he received from these families played a crucial role in his European successes.

Impressive Accomplishments

Both Enzos have already achieved notable victories in their young careers. Enzo Hincapie considers his biggest accomplishment to be winning the 2023 15-16 USA National Championships. In the road race, he broke away with two others, building a significant lead and winning the sprint. Enzo Edmonds reflects on his win in Belgium, where he adjusted his racing style to the fast-paced Belgian style and forced a break of seven riders, ultimately winning the final sprint. These victories have further fueled their ambitions and highlighted their potential.

Areas for Improvement

While both Enzos have demonstrated their strengths, they also acknowledge areas for improvement. Edmonds recognizes the need to work on his climbing and time trial skills, which he plans to address through more training and experience on the TT bike. Hincapie, on the other hand, aims to improve his sprinting abilities, acknowledging the challenges and complexities of this aspect of cycling. Both young cyclists are committed to continuous growth and development.

Aspirations for the Future

Both Enzos have their sights set on racing full-time in Europe and representing the US in prestigious events like the Olympics and World Championships. Edmonds also has aspirations in track cycling, aiming to make an impact in that discipline as well. With their determination and talent, they are well on their way to achieving these goals.


Enzo Hincapie and Enzo Edmonds are rising stars in American cycling, following in the footsteps of their famous fathers. Their dedication, skills, and impressive victories have garnered attention and positioned them as promising talents in the sport. As they continue to grow and gain experience, their aspirations of racing in Europe and representing the US on the international stage seem within reach. With their passion for the sport and the support of their families and mentors, the future looks bright for these young Enzos.






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