Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s TREP Expo Recognizes Student Entrepreneurs for Innovative Projects

Limitless Aeronautics wins the Veteran Entrepreneurs Award for its micro UAV swarm system at the ninth-annual TREP Expo.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s TREP Expo, an annual event showcasing student-led startups, recently awarded the first-ever Veteran Entrepreneurs Award to Limitless Aeronautics for their groundbreaking micro uncrewed air vehicle (UAV) swarm system. The Expo, organized by the university’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the David B. O’Maley College of Business, aims to test the commercial viability and innovativeness of entrepreneurship concepts. This year’s event featured 39 student-led startups, each presenting their unique ideas to a panel of experts. Let’s delve into the winning projects and the impact they could have on various industries.

Limitless Aeronautics: Revolutionizing UAV Technology
Limitless Aeronautics, founded by Alexander Gardner, a junior Aerospace Engineering student, took home the prestigious Veteran Entrepreneurs Award for their micro UAV swarm system. This innovative technology, currently in the flight testing phase, has the potential to be rapidly adapted for military, medical, emergency services, and law enforcement applications. Gardner and his team, which includes Nyameaama Gambrah, an Aerospace Engineering student, and Tre’Vaughn Sheppard, a Business student and veteran, have developed a functioning prototype and custom flight computers, along with in-house software.

Veritech: Reducing Food Waste with Autonomous Composting
Megan Robards, a Mechanical Engineering major, secured the Aviation, Aerospace, and Engineering Award for her project, Veritech. This self-regulating autonomous compost bin aims to tackle the issue of food waste. Robards’ inspiration came from her involvement in the Future Farmers of America club during high school. She used her robotics team experience to create an efficient solution for producing compost. Robards plans to market Veritech to schools and cities, with the goal of reducing food waste on a larger scale.

Inter-Reality Combat Sports: The Future of Competitive Gaming
Reed Curry and Alexander Emmolo, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering majors respectively, won the Global Products and Services Award for their project, Inter-Reality Combat Sports. This mixed-reality gaming experience combines video gaming and paintball, bringing virtual gaming to life. The team envisions competitors wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets and battling it out in physical tournaments held in indoor courses. With plans to create leagues and expand to different colleges, Curry and Emmolo aim to revolutionize the world of competitive gaming.

Pulse Guard Connect: Advanced Heart Monitoring Technology
Pulse Guard Connect, led by Shane Hall, Corey Troxler, and Ronaldo Bailey, won the Space Technology Repurposed Award. Their device, developed using NASA technology, offers advanced heart monitoring capabilities. Unlike traditional portable Electrocardiogram (EKG) machines, the team’s heart monitor utilizes 12 leads, allowing for more comprehensive data collection. Troxler’s personal experience with heart issues inspired the project, and the team hopes their innovation will enable early detection and prompt treatment for individuals with heart conditions.

BestFits: Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience
The People’s Choice Award, with a $500 prize, went to BestFits, an app created by a team of Business students. Evgeniia Egorova, Ognjen Srbinovic, and Samuel Rivera developed an app that uses AI technology to create a virtual avatar based on the shopper’s body image. This avatar allows customers to “try on” clothes virtually, reducing the likelihood of ill-fitting purchases and subsequent returns. BestFits aims to improve the online shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s TREP Expo showcased the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas of its student community. The winning projects, including Limitless Aeronautics’ micro UAV swarm system, Veritech’s autonomous compost bin, Inter-Reality Combat Sports’ mixed-reality gaming experience, Pulse Guard Connect’s advanced heart monitoring technology, and BestFits’ virtual shopping app, demonstrate the diverse range of solutions being developed by these aspiring entrepreneurs. These projects have the potential to make a significant impact in various industries, from aerospace and gaming to healthcare and e-commerce. As the Expo continues to nurture emerging talents, the future looks promising for these student entrepreneurs and their groundbreaking innovations.






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