Collins Aerospace Introduces Arcus™: A Revolutionary Hybrid Image Generation System for Training and Simulation

The new image generator combines advanced rendering tools and gaming technology to provide immersive aircrew training experiences.

Collins Aerospace, a business under RTX, has unveiled Arcus™, a groundbreaking image generator that revolutionizes aircrew training and simulation. This innovative system combines Collins’ cutting-edge rendering and processing tools with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology to deliver realistic and immersive training environments. With its flexible architecture and adaptability, Arcus™ sets a new standard for high-fidelity visual realism and efficiency in flight simulation.

1: A Leap Forward in Realism and Adaptability

Arcus™ is designed with a flexible, open systems architecture that caters to the diverse training needs of multiple platforms, including fast jets, air transport, mission, rotary wing, and commercial aircraft. By integrating Collins Aerospace’s advanced visuals and Epic Games’ gaming technology, the image generator offers unparalleled realism and adaptability.

Sharon Tabori, Senior Director and General Manager of Simulation and Training Solutions for Collins Aerospace, emphasizes the importance of high-fidelity visual realism in effective simulation training. She states, “Our new hybrid image generator brings improved graphic capabilities to offer flight simulation experiences that are as efficient as they are realistic.”

2: Seamless Integration and Cost Efficiency

Arcus™ supports a wide range of simulated flight devices, including full-flight simulators, flight training devices, and virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) systems. The system’s compatibility with common PC hardware and software applications allows for seamless integration into existing training setups, reducing costs and increasing training opportunities.

By utilizing the same technology across the simulation spectrum, Arcus™ provides a cohesive and consistent training experience. This integration enables focused training and streamlines the implementation of new features as missions and simulation training needs evolve.

3: Collins Aerospace’s Commitment to Advancing Training and Simulation

Collins Aerospace, an RTX business, is a renowned leader in integrated and intelligent solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. With a workforce of 80,000 employees, the company is dedicated to delivering future-focused technologies that advance aviation, passenger safety, mission success, and space exploration.

The of Arcus™ further solidifies Collins Aerospace’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of training and simulation. By combining their expertise in rendering and processing tools with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology, Collins Aerospace is at the forefront of innovation in the industry.


With the of Arcus™, Collins Aerospace has raised the bar for aircrew training and simulation. This hybrid image generator offers a new level of realism and adaptability, providing immersive training experiences for a wide range of aircraft platforms. By leveraging gaming technology and advanced rendering tools, Collins Aerospace has created a system that seamlessly integrates into existing setups, reducing costs and maximizing training opportunities.

As the aerospace and defense industry continues to evolve, Collins Aerospace remains committed to advancing training and simulation. Arcus™ represents a significant leap forward in the quest for efficient and realistic flight simulation, ensuring that aircrew training keeps pace with the demands of modern aviation.






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