Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura Defends Against Cheating Allegations

Nakamura takes a stand against Vladimir Kramnik’s controversial accusations and calls for evidence-based claims.

Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura finds himself embroiled in a heated controversy after fellow Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik accused him of cheating in a cryptic profile update on The allegations came shortly after Nakamura set a new blitz rating record on the platform. While Nakamura vehemently denied the claims, other chess professionals, including Magnus Carlsen, joined the discussion, further fueling the controversy. Kramnik continued to make cryptic updates, questioning Nakamura’s impressive win streak and implying the possibility of cheating. Frustrated by the disrespectful nature of the allegations, Nakamura has now taken a stand, demanding concrete evidence to support the accusations.

Kramnik’s Cryptic Updates and Implications

Kramnik’s initial profile update on accused Nakamura of cheating without providing any substantial evidence. In subsequent blog posts, Kramnik highlighted Nakamura’s remarkable win streak of 79 blitz games, comparing it to the streaks of other top players like Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja. Kramnik hinted at the possibility of cheating but also acknowledged that Nakamura enjoys playing against weaker opponents, which could explain the longer streaks. These updates sparked a flood of comments from chess players and fans worldwide, discussing and analyzing the allegations.

Deleted Comments and Accusations

Among the comments on Kramnik’s blog posts was an insightful contribution from a mathematician at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. However, Kramnik deleted this comment and accused Nakamura of sending bots to defend him in the comments section. This move raised eyebrows and added to the controversy surrounding the accusations. Nakamura expressed his disappointment with Kramnik’s behavior, calling it disrespectful and highlighting the lack of respect for mathematicians and statisticians who supported him.

Nakamura’s Response and Demand for Evidence

In a recent YouTube video, Nakamura passionately defended himself against the cheating allegations. He emphasized that false accusations should not be made without concrete proof and criticized Kramnik’s repeated claims without evidence. Nakamura expressed pride in his online record and stated that he has nothing to hide. He found Kramnik’s accusation of faking numbers and sending bots to attack him in the comments section particularly disrespectful. Nakamura pointed out that such behavior undermines the work of mathematicians and statisticians who provided their expertise.

The Implications and Future Outlook

Nakamura concluded his response by expressing his skepticism about any positive outcome from the ongoing controversy. He highlighted the need for evidence-based claims and called for respect within the chess community. The accusations and subsequent discussions have sparked debates about cheating in online chess and the responsibility of players to back their claims with evidence. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by professional chess players in an increasingly digital age.


Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura has firmly defended himself against cheating allegations made by Vladimir Kramnik. The controversy surrounding the accusations has ignited discussions within the chess community about the importance of evidence-based claims and respectful behavior. Nakamura’s demand for concrete proof highlights the need for responsible discourse in the digital age. As the chess world grapples with the implications of online play, it is crucial for players and fans alike to maintain integrity and respect in the pursuit of the game they love.






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