Bridgewater Woman Devotes Herself to Saving Animals in the Valley

Gina Troyer’s tireless efforts and dedication have made a significant impact on the lives of animals in need.

In the quiet town of Bridgewater, Virginia, a retired teacher named Gina Troyer has become a local hero for her unwavering commitment to helping animals in distress. Over the past decade, Troyer has selflessly volunteered her time and resources to transport animals to safety, working with various organizations in the Valley. From fawns and squirrels to eagles and vultures, Troyer has been a lifeline for countless creatures in need. Her passion for animal welfare stems from her childhood experiences and has since blossomed into a lifelong mission to make a difference.

A Childhood Love for Animals

Troyer’s love for animals was instilled in her at a young age. Growing up with a father who was a game warden, she witnessed firsthand the importance of caring for injured or orphaned wildlife. In those days, wildlife rehabilitation centers were scarce, so her father would often bring home animals that needed individual care. These early experiences laid the foundation for Troyer’s deep empathy and compassion for animals.

Transporting Animals to Safety

Ten years ago, Troyer began volunteering as a transporter for the Wildlife Center of Virginia. She would receive calls from concerned individuals or even local law enforcement about injured or stranded animals that needed immediate care. With her trusty vehicle, Troyer would embark on countless journeys, ensuring that these animals reached the Wildlife Center safely. Whether it was a baby skunk or an injured eagle, Troyer’s dedication and reliability have made her an invaluable asset to the center.

Saving Dogs on the I-81 Transports

Troyer’s compassion extends beyond wildlife. For the past seven years, she has been an active member of the I-81 Transports Group, a collective effort to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in the south and transport them to rescues and shelters in the north. Troyer has personally transported over 1,200 dogs to safety, giving them a second chance at life. Her involvement with this group exemplifies her commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Volunteering with Local Organizations

Troyer’s dedication to animal welfare goes beyond transportation. She volunteers with Cat’s Cradle in Harrisonburg, where she assists with various tasks, ensuring that cats receive the care and attention they deserve. Additionally, Troyer works with Real Deal Trapping to help owners locate their lost dogs, providing support during these distressing times. She also volunteers with Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge in Waynesboro, participating in fence builds, meeting with families, and facilitating the adoption process for dogs in need.

The Reward of Making a Difference

For Troyer, the reward lies in knowing that her efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of animals. While she acknowledges that she cannot save every animal, she finds solace in the knowledge that she has helped numerous dogs find loving homes and receive the care they deserve. Troyer’s unwavering dedication and the positive impact she has had on the community serve as an inspiration for others to get involved and make a difference in their own way.


Gina Troyer’s selfless dedication to animal welfare has touched the lives of countless animals in the Valley. Her tireless efforts as a transporter, volunteer, and advocate have made a significant impact on the well-being of animals in need. From her childhood experiences to her current involvement with multiple organizations, Troyer’s journey is a testament to the power of compassion and the difference one person can make. As she continues to inspire others to lend a helping hand, the animals of the Valley can rest assured that they have a guardian angel in Gina Troyer.






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