World War II Veteran Honored at FOX Nation’s 2023 Patriot Awards

Andy Negra, a World War II veteran, receives the “Salute to Service” Award for his bravery and sacrifice during the war.

World War II was a pivotal moment in history, and the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought in the war ensured victory for the free world. With fewer than 120,000 WWII veterans still alive, it is crucial to preserve their stories and honor their contributions. As part of FOX Nation’s 2023 Patriot Awards, World War II veteran Andy Negra was recognized for his service and received the prestigious “Salute to Service” Award. Negra’s story is a testament to the courage and resilience of the Greatest Generation.

A Lifetime of Service

Andy Negra, who was not even 20 years old when he began serving his country in World War II, demonstrated unwavering dedication throughout the conflict. His first encounter with the war was the momentous D-Day invasion, and he fought until the war’s end. Negra’s commitment to his country and his ability to adapt and rely on his comrades were essential to his survival.

Commemorating D-Day

In June of this year, Negra joined more than 40 other veterans to commemorate the 79th anniversary of D-Day at the beaches of Normandy. As the last living member of the 128th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, Negra’s presence at the solemn event was a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by his comrades. His participation highlighted the importance of remembering and honoring the heroes of World War II.

A Life Well-Lived

After the war, Negra had two things of which he was particularly proud. First, he survived the war, a testament to his strength and resilience. Second, he met his wife, with whom he shared 71 years of marriage before her passing. Negra’s positive outlook on life and his ability to find joy in every day serve as an inspiration to all. He encourages others to appreciate the present moment, take care of themselves, and maintain a positive attitude.

Reflecting on the State of the World

When asked about his thoughts on the current state of the country and world affairs, Negra expressed his concern. He stated that he never imagined that after fighting so hard during World War II, he would witness the country in its current condition. However, Negra remains hopeful, drawing on the resilience and problem-solving abilities of the American people throughout history. He believes that the country will overcome its challenges and return to a brighter future.


The recognition of World War II veteran Andy Negra at FOX Nation’s 2023 Patriot Awards serves as a reminder of the courage and sacrifice demonstrated by the Greatest Generation. As the number of WWII veterans dwindles, it becomes increasingly important to honor their contributions and preserve their stories. Negra’s journey from the D-Day invasion to his continued commitment to service and his positive outlook on life is an inspiration to all. His words remind us to appreciate each day and face challenges with resilience and hope.






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