Space Design and Innovation 101: Empowering Vandenberg Space Force Base’s Quest for Spaceport Advancement

The National Security Space Institute (NSSI) introduces a groundbreaking training course at Vandenberg Space Force Base, aimed at fostering digital innovation and transformation in the realm of spaceport operations.

As Space Launch Delta 30 enters its third year, Vandenberg Space Force Base in California remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of spaceport advancement. In line with this commitment, the National Security Space Institute (NSSI) has recently introduced an innovative training opportunity known as the Space Design and Innovation 101 course (SDI 101). This course, designed to align with Vandenberg’s mission, seeks to equip personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive digital innovation and transformation within the space security and defense sector.

Shaping the Course:

Taking the lead in designing this meticulously crafted course is Ben Zweibelson, the director of the Strategic Innovation Group. Zweibelson’s vision for SDI 101 was to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of systemic design principles and their application to complex space security challenges. Additionally, the course emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration, recognizing that innovative solutions can only be developed and implemented through collective effort.

Global Reach and Local Impact:

SDI 101 has already made waves across the globe, with three successful iterations prior to its at Vandenberg. Instructors Jim Wetzel, Aubrey Poe, Brett Bourne, and Allie Morgan, hailing from different corners of the world, have come together to share their expertise and guide personnel in cultivating the best ideas for future systemic advantage. Vandenberg members, working in groups throughout the five-day course, have the opportunity to delve into topics ranging from design inquiry to organizational transformation.

Allie Morgan, an SDI 101 instructor, expresses her enthusiasm for bringing this course to Vandenberg, highlighting the base’s growing innovation movement and the potential for transformative change. She believes that Vandenberg, with its talented guardians and newfound knowledge, is poised to become a global leader in long-term spaceport innovation.

Commitment to Spaceport Advancement:

SDI 101 is a crucial component of Vandenberg’s commitment to advancing its spaceport capabilities. By hosting this course and others like it, Vandenberg is propelling itself closer to achieving its goal of maintaining its position as a global leader in space innovation.


The of the Space Design and Innovation 101 course at Vandenberg Space Force Base represents a significant step towards fostering digital innovation and transformation within the space security and defense sector. With a focus on systemic design principles and the power of collaboration, SDI 101 equips personnel with the tools they need to drive meaningful advancements in spaceport operations. As Vandenberg continues to embrace innovative training opportunities, it solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the global space innovation landscape.






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