Rohit Sharma’s Captain Calm Approach Ahead of World Cup Final Against Australia

India’s Star Batsman Emphasizes the Need for Balance and Calmness in the High-Stakes Match

As the much-anticipated World Cup final between India and Australia draws near, the Indian team’s vice-captain, Rohit Sharma, exudes a sense of calmness and composure. In a press conference before the match, Rohit emphasized the importance of maintaining balance and not succumbing to the pressure of the occasion. With the weight of expectations on their shoulders, Rohit’s calm and measured approach is a testament to his leadership and experience.

The Last Chance for Glory

Rohit Sharma recognizes the magnitude of the World Cup final, not only for himself but also for some of his younger teammates. With the possibility of this being his last World Cup, Rohit is determined to make it count. The seasoned batsman understands the significance of this moment and aims to lead by example, instilling confidence in his team.

Playing Down the Favourites Tag

Despite India’s impressive 10-match winning streak in the tournament, Rohit Sharma remains grounded and plays down the favourites tag. He acknowledges the tension and pressure surrounding the team but highlights the excitement that different emotions bring to the sport. Rohit reveals that the constant expectations from fans and well-wishers have led some players to resort to using earphones to maintain focus.

Keeping it Nice and Easy

In his role as vice-captain, Rohit Sharma shares his approach with his teammates, emphasizing the need to stay calm and composed. He encourages a balanced atmosphere and thinking, urging his fellow players not to get too excited or overwhelmed by the occasion. Rohit’s mantra is to keep it “nice and easy,” allowing the team to perform at their best without succumbing to the pressure.

Winning it for Rahul Dravid

Rohit Sharma acknowledges the pivotal role of head coach Rahul Dravid in shaping the team’s mindset and approach. He credits Dravid for granting the players the freedom to express themselves and play their natural game. The Indian vice-captain expresses his desire to win the World Cup as a tribute to Dravid’s guidance and support.


As the Indian team prepares to face Australia in the World Cup final, Rohit Sharma’s calm and composed demeanor sets the tone for the squad. With his experience and leadership, Rohit aims to guide his teammates towards victory, emphasizing the importance of balance and composure in such high-stakes matches. The final match of the World Cup promises to be a thrilling encounter, and Rohit Sharma’s approach adds an element of confidence and stability to the Indian team’s preparations.






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