Redlands Celebrates its Rich History with Old-Timers’ Program

Redlands Chamber of Commerce organizes a special event to honor the city’s early settlers

Redlands, a charming city nestled in Southern California, is gearing up to celebrate its rich history and pay tribute to its early settlers. On November 26, 1933, charter members of Redlands will gather at the Congregational Church for a program that aims to recall the experiences of these pioneers. The event, organized by the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, marks the 45th anniversary of the city’s incorporation. With an impressive number of old-timers still living in the area, the celebration promises to be a heartfelt reunion for friends and neighbors of early Redlands.

A Nostalgic Gathering of Old Friends

The Congregational Church, the first established church in Redlands, has been chosen as the venue for this special occasion. The church’s pastor, Reverend H.C. Ide, has expressed his enthusiastic support for the event. The program, while simple in nature, will feature a series of brief talks by the pioneers themselves, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to hear firsthand accounts of Redlands’ early days. Following the program, the ladies of the church will serve light refreshments, fostering a warm and convivial atmosphere for old friends and neighbors to reconnect.

Widespread Interest and Participation

The response to the invitation for the celebration has been overwhelming, with names of first settlers pouring in from not only Southern California but also from farther afield. The Facts, a local publication, has compiled a list of approximately 110 individuals who arrived in Redlands in 1888 or earlier. Considering spouses and the possibility of some overlooked names, the actual attendance is expected to range between 175 and 200. This widespread interest underscores the deep connection and fondness that the community holds for its history and roots.

Testing Redlands Knowledge with a Contest

In the spirit of celebrating Redlands’ heritage, the Redlands Daily Facts has launched the “Know Your Redlands” contest. The contest, featured in the newspaper’s “Talk of the Town” section, challenges readers to test their knowledge of the city’s history with a series of ten questions. From the date of the city’s charter to the number of churches in Redlands, the contest invites readers to delve into the depths of their local knowledge. Three winners will be selected each week, receiving one-month subscriptions to the Redlands Daily Facts.

Unveiling Redlands’ Savvy Contestants

The first week of the “Know Your Redlands” contest has concluded, and the winners have been announced. Mrs. Ray Church and Mrs. Lillie Webster emerged as the frontrunners, both correctly answering seven out of the ten questions. J.H. Carter secured the third spot with six correct answers. The contest has sparked excitement and engagement within the community, with contestants eagerly submitting their answers and vying for the chance to showcase their Redlands expertise.

A Second Round of Intriguing Questions

As the contest continues into its second week, a new set of questions has been unveiled. Participants are now challenged to identify the last president to visit Redlands, the donor of the Lincoln Shrine, and the name of Redlands’ opera house, among others. With each passing week, the contest grows in popularity, drawing more and more residents into the exploration of their city’s past.


Redlands’ commitment to preserving its history and honoring its early settlers is evident in the upcoming old-timers’ program and the “Know Your Redlands” contest. These initiatives not only provide a platform for reminiscing and storytelling but also serve as a reminder of the city’s vibrant heritage. As Redlands continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial to cherish and celebrate the foundations upon which the community was built. Through these events, Redlands residents come together to honor their shared past and foster a sense of pride and belonging in their beloved city.






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