Miraculous Finish Saves Tour Pro’s Career and Ignites Emotional Journey

Matt Atkins’ remarkable comeback at the RSM Classic reflects a deeper personal journey of faith and self-discovery.

In a stunning turn of events, professional golfer Matt Atkins experienced a miraculous finish at the RSM Classic, securing his place in the weekend rounds and emotionally avoiding what seemed like an inevitable end to his career. Atkins’ story goes beyond golf, revealing the power of family, faith, and a newfound perspective on success.

Atkins, a 32-year-old from Pennsylvania, has been grinding on the golf circuit for over a decade. With numerous top 25 finishes on the Korn Ferry Tour and a full season on the PGA Tour under his belt, Atkins has tasted success but also faced the harsh realities of a highly competitive sport. This year, he found himself at a crossroads, financially strained and questioning his future in the game.

A Family Man’s Journey

Atkins’ journey is deeply intertwined with his role as a husband and father. His Instagram feed showcases the love and joy he finds in his wife, Jill, and their two young daughters, Emma and Audrey. Balancing the demands of professional golf with the responsibilities of family life has been a constant challenge for Atkins. Yet, his unwavering support from his loved ones has been a driving force behind his perseverance.

The Struggles of a Golfer’s Career

While Atkins has achieved relative success in his golfing career, the financial realities of the sport have taken a toll. With expenses mounting and average performances on the Korn Ferry Tour, Atkins found himself questioning the viability of his chosen profession. The pressure to secure his livelihood and provide for his family weighed heavily on his mind.

A Leap of Faith

Facing a pivotal moment in his career, Atkins took a leap of faith. He entered the Monday qualifier for the RSM Classic, knowing that this could be his last chance to prove himself. The decision to trust in a higher power and let go of his own desires was a turning point for Atkins. He realized that his purpose in golf extended beyond personal success and that he needed to align his actions with his faith.

The Miraculous Finish

As the tournament unfolded, Atkins found himself in a precarious position. With one birdie in 15 holes during the second round, his chances of making the cut seemed slim. However, an extraordinary display of skill and composure led to three consecutive birdies on his final three holes. The emotions that flooded Atkins as he secured his place in the weekend rounds were overwhelming, a testament to the power of perseverance and divine intervention.

A New Perspective on Success

Atkins’ journey has taught him a valuable lesson about the true nature of success. He realized that placing his security and self-worth in financial stability was a flawed mindset. Instead, he now focuses on glorifying a higher power and finding fulfillment in the present moment. Atkins hopes to carry this newfound perspective forward, whether he returns to the Korn Ferry Tour or continues his journey on the PGA Tour.


Matt Atkins’ incredible comeback at the RSM Classic is more than just a golfing triumph. It is a testament to the power of family, faith, and a shift in perspective. Atkins’ journey serves as a reminder that success is not solely defined by performance or financial stability. It is about finding purpose, aligning actions with beliefs, and embracing the unknown. As Atkins tees off for the weekend rounds, he does so with a renewed sense of gratitude and a commitment to play for something greater than himself.






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