Hotel Bethlehem Transforms into a Captivating Christmas Wonderland

Hotel Bethlehem collaborates with a new interior designer to create a magical holiday experience for guests.

Hotel Bethlehem, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has undergone a stunning transformation this holiday season. For the first time in over a decade, the hotel has worked with a new interior designer to create a captivating Christmas wonderland. The project, led by Anthony Sierra of GailGray Home Furnishings and Interior Design, involved meticulous planning and preparation to bring the space to life. With more than 35,000 lights, 25 trees, 36 wreaths, and six golden nutcrackers, the hotel is now adorned with enchanting decorations that have left guests in awe.

Enchanted, snow-inspired sparkle

Sierra’s task of decorating the country’s Best Historic Hotel three years in a row seemed like a daunting challenge. However, he approached it with a vision to highlight the hotel’s iconic architecture and historical grandeur. In the lobby, a classic Christmas scene featuring red, black, and gold decorations creates a nostalgic ambiance. Frosted glitter and real crystals add an enchanted, snow-inspired sparkle throughout the space. The Mural Ballroom, one of Sierra’s favorite areas, boasts a neutral palette with frosted white wreaths and snow-dusted trees, evoking a sense of elegance. The Grand Ballroom features golden cherubs flying high above the lights, while 1741 on the Terrace, a farm-to-table restaurant, showcases forest-inspired colors for a rustic and natural woodland feel.

Follow the stars

Guests at Hotel Bethlehem will find Moravian Stars adorning the front desk and various locations throughout the hotel. These stars pay homage to the hotel’s rich history and are a beloved element among guests. In addition to the stars, other favorite decorations from previous years, such as the nativity scene, gliding geese, and the famous gingerbread replica of the hotel, have been retained. It was important for the hotel to honor the legacy of previous designers, Gary Berger and Robert Averill, who decorated the hotel for over a decade. Berger passed away in 2022, and Averill retired after last Christmas. By preserving these elements, Hotel Bethlehem aims to maintain their legacy and create a sense of continuity for guests.

A dream come true

For Sierra, a Bethlehem native, the opportunity to decorate the hotel where visiting has been a holiday tradition for so long is a dream come true. He acknowledges the immense responsibility of continuing the legacy of his predecessors and pays homage to their work. Sierra and his team researched the hotel’s past decorations extensively, using online platforms such as Instagram, Google, and YouTube to gather inspiration. Their goal was to add their own twist while staying true to the hotel’s character and history. Sierra emphasizes that the project was a team effort and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the hotel’s holiday magic.


Hotel Bethlehem has undergone a remarkable transformation this holiday season, thanks to the collaboration between the hotel and interior designer Anthony Sierra. The new decorations, which include thousands of lights, trees, wreaths, and nutcrackers, have breathed new life into the space. Sierra’s approach to highlighting the hotel’s architectural beauty and historical significance has created a captivating Christmas wonderland. By preserving beloved elements from previous years and incorporating new touches, Hotel Bethlehem maintains its legacy while embracing a fresh vision. For Sierra, decorating the hotel has been a dream come true, and his dedication to the project is evident in the enchanting atmosphere he has created. As guests walk through the halls of Hotel Bethlehem, they are transported into a magical world that embodies the spirit of the holiday season.






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