George R.R. Martin Summer Intensive Writing Workshop: A Gateway for Journalists Venturing into Creative Writing

Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism launches a fully-funded program to support mid-career journalists in their pursuit of publishing their first novel or book-length work of fictional prose.

Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, in collaboration with acclaimed author George R.R. Martin, is now accepting applications for the inaugural George R.R. Martin Summer Intensive Writing Workshop. This week-long program aims to provide mid-career journalists with the necessary skills and support to transition from news narratives to writing fictional prose. With a generous $3 million gift from Martin, the workshop will offer a transformative experience for aspiring authors, helping them bring their ideas to life and navigate the world of publishing.

Unleashing the Potential of Journalists as Storytellers

The George R.R. Martin Summer Intensive Writing Workshop seeks to tap into the innate storytelling abilities of journalists and empower them to explore the realm of creative writing. Led by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, Medill’s George R.R. Martin Chair in Storytelling, this program recognizes the wealth of stories and ideas that journalists possess and aims to guide them in crafting compelling novels or book-length works of fictional prose.

A Unique Opportunity for Mid-Career Journalists

The workshop is designed specifically for mid-career journalists who are ready to embark on a new creative journey. Ten selected participants will receive full funding to attend the program, which will take place in Evanston, Illinois, from July 10 to 17, 2024. Throughout the week, attendees will engage in classes led by award-winning novelists and writing instructors, focusing on various aspects of creating fictional prose.

A Week of Immersive Learning and Collaboration

The George R.R. Martin Summer Intensive Writing Workshop offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines instruction, writing time, and constructive feedback. Participants will have the opportunity to share their work in workshops and receive critiques from their peers and instructors. Additionally, the program includes networking opportunities with editors, publishers, and literary agents who can provide valuable insights and guidance to help participants take their projects to the next level.

Building a New Medill Library of Fictional Prose

Medill has a rich history of producing exceptional journalists, and this workshop marks a new chapter in the school’s legacy. By supporting talented journalists in their transition to creative writing, Medill aims to build a library of stellar books that showcase the diverse voices and storytelling abilities of its alumni. The George R.R. Martin Summer Intensive Writing Workshop presents a unique opportunity to nurture and amplify the creative potential within the journalism community.


The George R.R. Martin Summer Intensive Writing Workshop at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism is a groundbreaking initiative that bridges the gap between journalism and creative writing. By providing mid-career journalists with the resources, guidance, and support they need to embark on their literary journeys, this program has the potential to unleash a new wave of talented authors. As the deadline for applications approaches, aspiring writers have the chance to seize this transformative opportunity and embark on a path towards realizing their dreams of becoming published authors.






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