Emeryville Food & Drink Update: Five Guys, Honor Kitchen, and More

New restaurants, closures, and developments in Emeryville’s food and drink scene

Emeryville, a vibrant city in the Bay Area, continues to see exciting developments in its food and drink scene. From new restaurant openings to closures and upcoming projects, there is much to explore. In this article, we will delve into the progress on Five Guys and Honor Kitchen, recent closures, and changes in ownership at Watergate Market. Additionally, we will touch upon Starbucks employees seeking unionization and the opening of Prizefighter Bottle Shop. Let’s dig in!

Bay Street Openings and the Mysterious Grocery Store

Emeryville’s Bay Street has been buzzing with new restaurant openings. Pippal Regional Indian has recently joined the lineup, alongside Flores, Fogo de Chão, and Philz Coffee. Upcoming additions include Saucy Asian, Copper & Malt, Mumu Hotpot, and an eagerly anticipated, yet-to-be-named grocery store. The construction progress of the grocery store has revealed a familiar grey and bright green color palette, sparking speculation that it may be an Amazon Fresh store. With 18 Amazon Fresh locations in Southern California but none in the Bay Area, Emeryville’s central location could serve as a convenient hub for expanding Amazon Fresh’s online ordering and delivery model.

Closure of Powell Street Plaza Jamba

On November 1st, the Jamba Juice located at Powell Street Plaza abruptly closed its doors. A sign posted on the window directed customers to visit their Berkeley or El Cerrito locations, indicating a shift in their presence in the area. The closure of the Oakland City Center location also recently took place. Jamba Juice, originally founded on the central coast and once headquartered in Emeryville, relocated its operations to Frisco, Texas in 2016 after being acquired by Focus Brands in 2018.

Watergate Market Becomes “Randy’s”

The owners of Watergate Shopping Center, located on the Peninsula, are aiming to revitalize the aging complex. As part of this effort, a change in ownership has been implemented at Watergate Market. The departure of Roba’s and a Subway franchise has also been observed. The market’s recent signage change to “Randy’s” pays tribute to longtime employee “Randy the Butcher” McPherson, who has operated the deli since 1991. Known for his delicious sandwiches, affectionately referred to as “randwiches” by loyal customers, Randy plans to introduce new offerings such as wine tastings and live acoustic music in the market’s compact “Liquor Wonderland” section.

Five Guys Grand Opening Date Set

In July, it was revealed that the former Taco Bell space in Emeryville would be transformed into a Five Guys Burger restaurant. Readers have eagerly awaited news of the grand opening date. While progress on the building’s facade has been relatively steady, interior remodeling by contractors has been actively underway. If all goes smoothly, franchise operators Billal and James Kahn anticipate opening the doors on December 15.

Prizefighter Bottle Shop Opens

The owners of Prizefighter, a popular bar, have fulfilled their announcement from a year ago by opening the connected bottle shop. Dylan O’Brien and Polly Hancock, a husband and wife team, run Prizefighter Bar, and Hancock is also a co-owner of the nearby New Florence Salon. The Bottle Shop offers a wide selection of premium spirits, bar tools, and an expanding range of chilled premixed cocktails and craft beers.

Starbucks Employees Seek Unionization

Employees at the East Bay Bridge Shopping Center Starbucks (store 615) are expressing their desire for union representation. In a letter addressed to Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan, 15 workers highlighted the need for democracy within their workplace, citing issues such as understaffing and inadequate problem-solving resources. A formal vote will be required, with a majority in favor of unionization for the process to move forward. Starbucks has seen over 360 of its stores unionize since 2021, representing approximately 2% of its 16,000 stores nationwide. The company has launched a campaign on their website to counter unionization efforts, outlining what they perceive as drawbacks to unionizing.

Steady Progress at Honor Kitchen

Honor Kitchen, a beloved local establishment, closed its doors nearly a year ago with the promise of reopening in Spring 2023. However, permitting delays pushed back the construction start date to May. Since then, progress has been steady, with the framing of a new outdoor patio space taking shape. Unfortunately, part of the greenway mural painted by artist Joey Rose was removed during the renovation. While discussions about a potential restoration are still in the preliminary stages, Rose remains hopeful. Honor Kitchen representatives are reluctant to provide a new reopening date but are targeting Spring 2024.


Emeryville’s food and drink scene continues to evolve, with new openings, closures, and exciting developments on the horizon. From the progress on Five Guys and Honor Kitchen to the closure of Jamba Juice and changes at Watergate Market, these updates reflect the dynamic nature of the city’s culinary landscape. Additionally, the push for unionization among Starbucks employees and the opening of Prizefighter Bottle Shop add further layers of interest to Emeryville’s food and drink narrative. As the city continues to grow and change, residents and visitors alike can look forward to discovering and enjoying the diverse offerings of this vibrant community.






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