Brighton Theatre Cancels Catherine Tate’s Performance of The Enfield Haunting

Technical Difficulties Force Cancellation of Matinee Show

In a surprising turn of events, the Theatre Royal in Brighton has announced the cancellation of Thursday’s matinee performance of The Enfield Haunting, a play starring renowned actress Catherine Tate. The play, based on the chilling true story of a family who claimed their council house in north London was haunted, has garnered significant attention and anticipation. The sudden cancellation, attributed to unforeseen technical difficulties, has left theatergoers disappointed and curious about the circumstances surrounding the decision.

Technical Difficulties Plague Matinee Performance:

A Last-Minute Setback

The Theatre Royal took to social media platform Facebook to inform patrons that the matinee performance of The Enfield Haunting would not proceed as scheduled. The statement cited “technical requirements” as the reason for the cancellation, without providing further details. However, the theater management assured the public that all other performances of the play would proceed as planned.

The Enfield Haunting: A Haunting Tale:

A Gripping Storyline

The Enfield Haunting is a stage adaptation of the well-known paranormal case that took place in Enfield, London, during the late 1970s. The play delves into the chilling experiences of the Hodgson family, who claimed their council house was plagued by a malevolent supernatural presence. The story captivated the nation at the time and has since become one of the most famous and controversial paranormal cases in history.

Catherine Tate’s Role in the Play:

Tate’s Stellar Performance

Catherine Tate, celebrated for her versatile acting skills and comedic genius, takes on a more serious role in The Enfield Haunting. Playing the character of Peggy Hodgson, the mother of the haunted family, Tate’s performance has been highly anticipated by fans and theater enthusiasts alike. Her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters has made her a favorite among audiences, and her involvement in this production has generated significant buzz.

Impact on Theatre-Goers:

Disappointment and Curiosity

The sudden cancellation of the matinee performance has left many theater-goers disappointed, especially those who had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see Catherine Tate in a different light. The play’s intriguing storyline and Tate’s involvement had created a buzz, leading to sold-out shows and high expectations. The cancellation has sparked curiosity among fans, who are eager to know the specifics of the technical difficulties that led to this unprecedented decision.

Theatre Management’s Response:

Assurances of Future Performances

The Theatre Royal has assured the public that the cancellation of the matinee performance was a result of technical difficulties and not a reflection of any larger issue. They have emphasized that all other scheduled performances of The Enfield Haunting will proceed as planned, providing relief to those who have purchased tickets for upcoming shows. The management has expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and has promised to rectify the situation promptly.


The unexpected cancellation of Catherine Tate’s performance in The Enfield Haunting at the Theatre Royal in Brighton has left theater enthusiasts disappointed and intrigued. While the specific technical difficulties that led to the cancellation remain undisclosed, the management has assured the public that all other performances will proceed as scheduled. The play’s gripping storyline, based on a real-life haunting, combined with Tate’s remarkable talent, had generated significant anticipation. As theater-goers await further updates, the incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of live performances and the challenges faced by theater productions.






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