TikToker’s Lack of Geography Knowledge Sparks Discussion on Education System

Sabriena Abrre’s admission of embarrassment over her limited geography knowledge raises questions about the effectiveness of the US education system.

In a viral TikTok video, Sabriena Abrre expressed her embarrassment over her lack of geography knowledge, attributing it to what she perceives as a failure of the US education system. Abrre, who graduated high school with good grades, admitted to having many misconceptions about geography, leading to a conversation with her Canadian husband that left her feeling inadequate. Her video has sparked a larger conversation about the teaching of geography in schools and the need for a more comprehensive approach.

Misconceptions and Knowledge Gaps:

Abrre shared several misconceptions she had about geography, which she discovered through conversations with her husband. She believed that Alaska was an island, unaware that it is possible to drive there. Additionally, she mistakenly thought that the state of Maine was entirely coastal, not realizing it shares borders with Canadian provinces. Abrre also expressed surprise at the size of Alaska, assuming it to be smaller than Texas when, in fact, it is the largest state in the US.

A Widespread Issue:

Abrre’s experience resonated with many viewers who admitted to sharing similar knowledge gaps. However, others questioned why Abrre and her peers did not have access to globes or world maps in their classrooms. The discussion highlighted the importance of teaching geography in a way that connects countries and regions, rather than treating them as separate entities.

The Need for Comprehensive Education:

To address these knowledge gaps, Abrre suggested a more integrated approach to teaching geography, emphasizing the relationship between the US and Canada. She argued that studying the two countries in reference to one another would provide a clearer understanding of their geography. Abrre’s frustration as an American married to a Canadian who knows more about US history, culture, and religion than she does underscores the need for a well-rounded education that encompasses various subjects.


Sabriena Abrre’s TikTok video has ignited a conversation about the state of geography education in the US. Her admission of embarrassment over her lack of knowledge highlights the need for a more comprehensive and interconnected approach to teaching geography. As educators and policymakers consider ways to improve the education system, it is crucial to bridge the gaps in geographic understanding and equip students with a broader perspective of the world.






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