The Resurgence of the Horse Girl Aesthetic: From the Stables to the Runway

Gen Z’s Discovery of Equestrian Style Inspires a Fashion Renaissance

Once considered derogatory, the term “horse girl” has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Thanks to the influence of celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the equestrian aesthetic has made a triumphant return to the fashion world. From Stella McCartney’s iconic horse pants to Olivia Rodrigo’s stylish ensembles, the horse girl look has captured the imagination of a new generation. This article explores the enduring appeal of equestrian style and its impact on the fashion industry.

A Timeless Combination of Elegance, Athleticism, and Tradition

For showjumper Peter Lutz, the resurgence of interest in the equestrian aesthetic is a welcome phenomenon. He believes that its wide-ranging appeal stems from its unique combination of elegance, athleticism, and tradition. The sport of horse riding has a rich history and culture that has been passed down through generations, and its recognizable look, with tailored jackets, tall boots, and helmets, represents sophistication and tradition that is both timeless and captivating.

From Saddle Making to High Fashion: The Influence of Equestrian Aesthetics

Shoe designer Sam Edelman, who has been involved in the horse world for decades, draws inspiration from equestrian aesthetics in his designs. The iconic Gigi sandal, for example, merges everyday fashion with details true to its saddle-making heritage, incorporating the saddle stitch detail as a core brand identifier. This fusion of equestrian elements with contemporary fashion demonstrates the enduring influence of the horse girl aesthetic.

Beyond Boots: Equestrian Style in Unexpected Places

The horse girl influence extends beyond traditional equestrian pieces like boots. Australian equestrian Edwina Tops Alexander incorporates the equestrian look into her jewelry line, Toti, which is named after her beloved horse. Her designs embody the values of connection, confidence, and challenge that she has experienced throughout her career. The connection bangle, in particular, showcases elegance, versatility, and comfort, making it a perfect fit for both competitions and everyday wear.

Redefining Equestrian Fashion: Empowering Women in the Sport

Caroline Boudier, founder of equestrian brand Dada Sport, sought to bring more femininity to the equestrian space. Recognizing the classic and chic codes of equestrian style, she launched Dada Sport in 2012 to cater specifically to women in the sport. Boudier’s recent campaign featuring Mathilde Pinault, the 2022 Longines Global Champions Tour winner, showcases the brand’s technical leggings styled with jeans and sneakers, demonstrating that the equestrian aesthetic can make a fashion statement beyond the stables.

Conclusion: The resurgence of the horse girl aesthetic reflects a broader shift in fashion towards embracing timeless elegance and tradition. From the runway to everyday wear, equestrian style has captivated a new generation, proving that the allure of the horse girl aesthetic is here to stay. As the fashion world continues to evolve, the equestrian influence serves as a reminder of the enduring power of classic and sophisticated looks.






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