The Future of GCN+: How to Continue Enjoying Live Cycling Coverage

Warner Bros. Discovery Announces Changes for GCN+ Subscribers

Cycling enthusiasts around the world rely on GCN+ for comprehensive live global cycling coverage. However, recent announcements from Warner Bros. Discovery have sparked curiosity and concern among subscribers. With the impending closure of GCN+, many are left wondering how they can continue to enjoy their favorite cycling races and content. In this article, we delve into the details of the changes and provide a guide to ensure fans can still access live race coverage.


For subscribers in territories where discovery+ is available, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and Ireland, there is good news. They can seamlessly transition to discovery+ and continue to enjoy all the live coverage they currently watch on GCN+. Furthermore, they will gain access to Eurosport’s full rights portfolio and an extensive range of Warner Bros. Discovery entertainment content. This ensures a more comprehensive and immersive experience for cycling enthusiasts in these regions.

However, for territories where discovery+ isn’t available, GCN+ subscribers need not worry. They can still access all the same live cycling action through the Eurosport App. Additionally, viewers in Poland will be able to access the coverage via Eurosport Extra. This ensures that no matter where they are in Europe, fans can still catch every thrilling moment of their favorite races.

Outside of Europe:

For cycling fans outside of Europe, Warner Bros. Discovery is actively working with local partners to ensure that live race coverage remains accessible. While specifics are yet to be announced, customers can expect to be kept fully informed about the future availability of the live content currently on GCN+. This commitment to providing global coverage demonstrates Warner Bros. Discovery’s dedication to catering to the needs of cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

The Future of GCN:

As GCN+ prepares to close its doors, GCN itself will undergo a renewed focus on its core offering. This includes its website and YouTube channel, which engage millions of cycling enthusiasts every month. The international GCN presence will also be a priority, with GCN en Français, GCN auf Deutsch, GCN Italia, and GCN en Español continuing to provide localized content for fans across the globe. While the closure of GCN+ may mark the end of an era, the commitment to engaging and informative cycling content remains as strong as ever.


The impending closure of GCN+ has left cycling enthusiasts wondering about the future of their live race coverage. However, Warner Bros. Discovery has laid out a clear plan to ensure that fans can continue to enjoy their favorite races and content. Subscribers in territories where discovery+ is available can seamlessly transition to the platform, gaining access to an even wider range of content. For those in territories without discovery+, the Eurosport App and Eurosport Extra will continue to provide the same live cycling action. Warner Bros. Discovery’s commitment to global coverage ensures that cycling fans around the world will not miss a beat. As GCN+ bids farewell, the focus will shift back to GCN’s core offerings, providing a continued source of engaging and informative cycling content. The future of live cycling coverage is bright, and fans can look forward to an exciting new chapter in their cycling journey.






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