The Frozen Construction Site: Taunton’s Route 140 Project Remains in Limbo

A $116 million construction project in Taunton, Massachusetts, has come to a standstill, leaving residents and commuters frustrated and seeking answers.

Weeds have taken over, and materials lie idle at a massive construction site along Route 140 in Taunton. The project, which began in 2020, is now frozen at just 19% completion. The construction barriers bear the name “Cardi,” referring to Cardi Corporation, the Rhode Island-based company that started the work but abruptly halted operations on October 27. As the project remains unfinished, questions linger about its future and the reasons behind the delay.

A Costly Endeavor

The Taunton project, estimated to cost $116 million, is funded by taxpayer money from a federal highway program. However, it remains unclear how much of that sum has already been paid to Cardi Corporation. The hefty price tag reflects the scale of the undertaking, which involves the reconstruction of the Route 24 overpass and the rerouting of highway ramps. These changes are meant to accommodate future development, including a sprawling casino and a new train station. The magnitude of the project has left residents, like Lino Braga of Berkley, astounded and eager for answers.

Negotiating a New Path

With Cardi Corporation ceasing work on the project, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has confirmed that it is currently engaged in negotiations with a new contractor to complete the job. MassDOT has also clarified that Cardi Corporation has no other ongoing projects with them. Taunton Mayor Shaunna O’Connell has issued a statement acknowledging that the project falls under the purview of state departments and agencies. However, she asserts that the city is working with MassDOT to address any concerns that may impact the community. Mayor O’Connell expresses hope that the state can secure a new contractor promptly to ensure the timely completion of the remaining work.

Cardi Corporation’s Troubles

WBZ-TV reached out to Cardi Corporation for comment but received no response. The company is currently facing multiple lawsuits for unpaid fines owed to various unions, along with interest and fees. In the past year alone, at least three lawsuits have been filed in federal court, seeking amounts ranging from $100,000 to $460,000 in unpaid fines. The mounting legal challenges have left residents, like Tony Fontes of Taunton, frustrated and disillusioned, calling for greater accountability.


As the construction site along Route 140 in Taunton remains in a state of limbo, residents and commuters are left wondering when and by whom the project will be completed. With negotiations underway to secure a new contractor, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation aims to bring the project back on track. However, the delays and legal troubles faced by Cardi Corporation have raised concerns about accountability in large-scale construction projects. The completion of the Taunton project will not only alleviate the frustration of locals but also pave the way for future development and improved infrastructure in the area.






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