Palestinians Evacuated from Gaza Arrive in UAE for Treatment

UAE Extends Lifeline to Palestinians in Need of Medical Care

A group of 15 Palestinians, including eight children and their families, have arrived in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for medical treatment after being evacuated from Gaza through the Rafah border crossing to Egypt. The UAE has pledged to treat 1,000 Palestinians in its hospitals, with daily flights expected to bring in more patients. This humanitarian effort comes as a lifeline to those in desperate need of medical care, providing hope and healing to those affected by the recent conflict.

A Journey to Hope

The journey to Abu Dhabi was not an easy one for the Palestinian patients. Some of the seats on the plane were removed to accommodate the most critically wounded children, who needed to lie on stretchers. As the plane took off, the children, with bandaged arms and legs, sat quietly next to their parents or relatives, while a few others traveled alone. Despite their injuries and the trauma they have endured, the hope of receiving life-saving treatment in the UAE shines through their eyes.

Mohammed’s Story

Among the children on the flight was 14-year-old Mohammed Abu Tabikh, who suffered injuries to his neck and spine in a car attack. Reflecting on the incident, Mohammed recalled feeling shock and then suddenly losing the ability to move. His journey to Abu Dhabi offers a glimmer of hope for his recovery, as he will receive specialized medical care that may help him regain his mobility and rebuild his life.

UAE’s Commitment to Humanitarian Aid

The UAE’s commitment to providing medical treatment to Palestinians is a testament to its dedication to humanitarian aid. President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed’s pledge to treat 1,000 Palestinians in UAE hospitals demonstrates the nation’s compassion and solidarity with those in need. This initiative not only saves lives but also fosters goodwill and strengthens ties between the UAE and Palestine.

A Beacon of Hope for Gaza

The recent conflict in Gaza has left many in dire need of medical attention, with hospitals and healthcare facilities overwhelmed and lacking resources. The arrival of the first group of Palestinians in Abu Dhabi serves as a beacon of hope for those who have been suffering. It reminds them that they are not forgotten and that there are countries willing to extend a helping hand in their time of need.

The Power of International Cooperation

The evacuation and treatment of Palestinians in the UAE highlight the power of international cooperation in times of crisis. By working together, countries can pool their resources and expertise to provide essential medical care to those who need it most. The UAE’s efforts serve as an inspiration for other nations to step up and support humanitarian causes, fostering a global community that values compassion and solidarity.


As the first group of Palestinians arrives in Abu Dhabi for medical treatment, their journey represents a glimmer of hope amidst the devastation caused by the recent conflict. The UAE’s commitment to treating 1,000 Palestinians in its hospitals showcases the power of humanitarian aid and international cooperation. This act of compassion not only saves lives but also sends a powerful message of solidarity to those in need. As more patients are expected to arrive in the coming days, the UAE’s efforts serve as a reminder that healing and hope can prevail even in the darkest of times.






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