Mysterious Dog Illness Grips Colorado Springs, Veterinary Clinics Urge Caution

Highly contagious and potentially deadly illness baffles experts as cases rise

A mysterious and highly contagious illness is spreading among dogs in Colorado Springs, causing concern among pet owners and veterinary clinics. The Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital has reported five cases in the past month, while local emergency hospitals have seen nine cases in the last week alone. With no known treatment available, veterinarians are urging dog owners to take precautions and avoid high-risk areas as the number of cases continues to grow.

Unusual Symptoms Puzzle Veterinarians

Unlike typical respiratory issues in dogs, such as kennel cough or canine influenza, this new illness is proving to be more severe and persistent. Cristy Fisher, co-owner of Pine Creek Vet Hospital, explains that dogs affected by the virus develop an extreme cough that produces excessive mucus and phlegm. What sets this illness apart is that affected dogs do not seem to recover fully, and if they do, the symptoms often return. The persistence and severity of the symptoms have left veterinarians perplexed and concerned about the potential long-term effects on dogs.

Precautions Urged to Protect Dogs

In light of the growing number of cases, veterinarians are advising dog owners to take precautions to minimize the risk of infection. Fisher recommends avoiding populated areas, especially ahead of the holiday season when dog parks, boarding facilities, and grooming facilities are typically busy. By keeping dogs away from these high-risk areas, the chances of exposure to the virus are reduced. While some dog owners, like Katherine Lull, have taken precautions and had their pets thoroughly checked and vaccinated, they are not planning to limit their outdoor activities with their furry companions.

Limited Treatment Options and Data Collection

Unfortunately, there are currently no known treatments for this new dog illness. Veterinary clinics are working together to gather as much data as possible and conduct tests to identify the virus and develop a targeted treatment plan. With more dogs being tested, the hope is to pinpoint a proper way to combat the virus. However, the limited treatment options available and the increasing number of cases suggest that this illness may be here to stay for the foreseeable future.


The mysterious and highly contagious dog illness spreading in Colorado Springs has left veterinarians puzzled and dog owners concerned. With no known treatment and the persistence of severe symptoms, the situation is alarming. While precautions are being advised to minimize the risk of infection, such as avoiding high-risk areas, the long-term impact of this illness remains uncertain. As veterinarians continue to gather data and conduct tests, the hope is to develop targeted treatments and protect dogs from the potentially deadly consequences of this mysterious illness. Dog owners are urged to monitor their pets closely for any signs of respiratory distress or abnormal coughing and seek veterinary care promptly if symptoms arise.






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