Historic Corn Harvest: A Bountiful Season for Farmers

The US Department of Agriculture reports record-breaking corn harvest in 2023, thanks to favorable weather conditions and global market dynamics.

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Catesa Farms has been a staple in the community for nearly a century. George McDonald, the current owner and operator, proudly carries on his family’s farming legacy. This year, however, has been nothing short of extraordinary. The US Department of Agriculture recently announced that 2023 witnessed the largest corn harvest in history, bringing a sense of accomplishment and relief to farmers across the nation.

A Historic Season:

George McDonald, chairman of the Tennessee Corn Promotional Board, played a key role in advocating for the “Year of Corn” theme during the State Fair. Little did he know that his efforts would align with an exceptional corn harvest. With over 15.234 billion bushels of corn produced nationwide, this year’s crop surpassed the previous peak in 2016, according to USDA data.

Factors Behind the Success:

While the sheer magnitude of this year’s corn harvest is remarkable, several factors contributed to its unprecedented success. One significant factor was the impact of world events, particularly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine, the second-largest exporter of corn globally, faced uncertainty due to the invasion, causing prices and commodities to fluctuate. As a result, US farmers responded by planting more corn, leading to abundant yields.

George McDonald, reflecting on the exceptional season, explained that US farmers reduced their corn exports this year, which may impact the price per bushel. However, consumers are unlikely to notice significant price differences at grocery stores, ensuring that corn remains an accessible and affordable staple.

A Legacy of Farming:

For George McDonald and his family, the historic corn harvest is not just a momentous achievement; it is a testament to their dedication and love for the land. As the fourth generation to work the fields of Catesa Farms, George considers himself blessed to wake up every day and engage in a profession he is passionate about.


The 2023 corn harvest stands as a remarkable milestone in American agriculture. From the fertile fields of Catesa Farms to farms across the nation, farmers have witnessed an abundant season, defying the challenges of heat and drought. The record-breaking harvest not only highlights the resilience and adaptability of farmers but also underscores the importance of global market dynamics in shaping agricultural outcomes. As consumers continue to enjoy corn-based products without a significant impact on their wallets, the success of this year’s harvest serves as a reminder of the vital role farmers play in sustaining our food supply.






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