Eddie Alvarez Believes Conor McGregor has Potential in Bareknuckle Boxing

Former UFC Champion Alvarez sees a suitable style in McGregor for the world of bareknuckle boxing

Eddie Alvarez, a former UFC lightweight champion who lost his title to Conor McGregor in 2016, believes that McGregor could excel in the realm of bareknuckle boxing. Alvarez, who recently made his debut in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), sees potential in McGregor’s style, stating that it is more conducive to bareknuckle boxing than a brawler’s approach. With Alvarez currently signed to BKFC, he believes that McGregor’s success in the sport would depend on his ability to navigate his contract and make the transition.

Alvarez’s Perspective on McGregor’s Style

Alvarez, who defeated former UFC title challenger Chad Mendes in his BKFC debut, praises McGregor’s unique fighting style. He suggests that McGregor’s “fencing style,” characterized by quick in-and-out movements, would be well-suited for bareknuckle boxing. Alvarez explains that this style, which focuses on avoiding shots rather than trading blows, is effective in the bareknuckle format. He believes that McGregor’s ability to seamlessly transition between offense and defense would make him a formidable opponent in the sport.

McGregor’s Presence in BKFC

During Alvarez’s debut in BKFC, McGregor was ringside to witness the action. McGregor even had a faceoff with Mike Perry, who emerged victorious against Luke Rockhold that night. Despite the attention McGregor garnered, Alvarez welcomed his presence, recognizing that it added to the overall excitement of the event. He emphasizes that the presence of high-profile figures like McGregor, Kamaru Usman, Trevor Wittman, and Justin Gaethje demonstrates that fighters from various disciplines are drawn to bareknuckle boxing for its raw entertainment value.

The Appeal of Bareknuckle Boxing

Alvarez believes that fighters are drawn to bareknuckle boxing because it offers a unique form of entertainment. He explains that MMA fighters, including those from the UFC, seek out bareknuckle boxing as a way to be entertained themselves. In contrast to traditional combat sports like boxing and MMA, bareknuckle boxing provides a raw and unfiltered experience. Alvarez suggests that the absence of gloves and the limited rules create an environment where fighters can truly let loose and captivate both themselves and the audience.

Alvarez’s Future in BKFC

As a free agent in MMA, Alvarez has chosen to pursue a career in bareknuckle boxing. He is set to return to the ring for the second time at BKFC 56, where he will face off against Mike Perry in the main event. Alvarez’s decision to transition to bareknuckle boxing showcases the growing appeal and potential of the sport. With his experience and success in both MMA and BKFC, Alvarez’s perspective on McGregor’s potential in bareknuckle boxing carries weight.


Eddie Alvarez, a former UFC champion turned bareknuckle boxer, believes that Conor McGregor has the potential to succeed in the world of bareknuckle boxing. Alvarez praises McGregor’s unique fighting style, stating that it is well-suited for the sport. McGregor’s presence at a BKFC event further highlights the growing appeal of bareknuckle boxing among fighters from various disciplines. Alvarez’s own transition to BKFC demonstrates the allure and potential of the sport. As McGregor’s future in the UFC remains uncertain, the possibility of him venturing into bareknuckle boxing adds an exciting dimension to his fighting career.






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