Cinema West Takes Over Shuttered ArcLight Theater, Promising a New Era of Luxury Movie-Going

Cinema West announces plans to transform the former ArcLight Beach Cities theater into a state-of-the-art cinema experience.

Years after the closure of ArcLight theaters, Cinema West is breathing new life into one of the shuttered locations. The renowned movie theater chain recently announced its plans to take over the space once occupied by ArcLight Beach Cities in El Segundo. With a vision of delivering a luxury movie-going experience, Cinema West aims to revitalize the theater and offer audiences a blend of comfort, quality food, and cutting-edge technology. This move comes as the industry looks to rebound following the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A New Era of Luxury: Cinema West’s Vision for Beach Cities Theater

Cinema West’s ambitious project involves a top-to-bottom redevelopment of the former ArcLight Beach Cities theater. The 16-screen cinema will feature luxury recliner seating, a full restaurant and bar, and a streamlined ticket and concession-buying experience. The goal is to create a sophisticated cinematic experience that goes beyond the generic, corporate-style theaters of the past.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Upscale Amenities

At Cinema West Beach Cities, each auditorium will boast cutting-edge laser projection and Dolby Atmos sound technology, ensuring a visually and acoustically immersive experience for moviegoers. Two of the auditoriums will feature premium giant screens, further enhancing the viewing experience. In addition to the state-of-the-art technology, the theater will also house an upscale wood-fired pizza restaurant that will serve craft beers, California wines, and signature cocktails. This combination of high-quality food and luxurious amenities aims to create a true “luxury lounge movie experience” for guests.

A Flagship Location and Community Support

Cinema West Beach Cities will serve as a flagship location for the theater chain, showcasing its commitment to providing exceptional movie experiences. El Segundo Mayor Drew Boyles expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the positive impact it will have on the community. Mayor Boyles thanked both Cinema West and the developer, Continental Development Corporation, for recognizing the potential of the location as a prime spot for moviegoers seeking both entertainment and dining options.

A Summer 2024 Grand Opening and Beyond

Developers anticipate a grand opening for Cinema West Beach Cities in summer 2024. The launch will feature special screenings of classic films and independent movies, in addition to the usual lineup of summer blockbusters. Cinema West is optimistic about the future, citing the success of recent films like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” as indicators of a rebounding industry. With its focus on providing a luxury movie experience, Cinema West aims to attract audiences who seek a more elevated and immersive cinematic outing.


As the movie theater industry continues to recover from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cinema West’s takeover of the former ArcLight Beach Cities theater brings hope and excitement to moviegoers in El Segundo. With its commitment to delivering a luxury movie experience, complete with cutting-edge technology, upscale amenities, and quality food, Cinema West Beach Cities aims to redefine the way audiences enjoy films. As the flagship location for the theater chain, this new cinema promises to be a haven for movie enthusiasts seeking comfort, quality, and an unforgettable cinematic journey.






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