Amazon to Allow Auto Dealers to Sell Cars on its Site, Starting with Hyundai

The e-commerce giant expands its presence in the car-buying business, enabling customers to purchase new vehicles online.

In a strategic move that further solidifies its position in the automotive industry, Amazon announced on Thursday that it will soon allow auto dealers to sell cars through its platform. The initiative will begin with South Korean automaker Hyundai, with other brands expected to follow suit. While Amazon has previously offered digital showrooms for customers to research and compare vehicles, this new development will enable consumers to complete their car purchase directly on Amazon’s website. The move is expected to revolutionize the car-buying experience, offering convenience and a wide selection to customers.

Amazon’s Expansion into the Car-Buying Business

Over the years, Amazon has been gradually expanding its presence in the automotive sector. The company has introduced digital showrooms on its platform, allowing customers to browse and compare vehicles. However, until now, customers were unable to make direct purchases through Amazon. This new initiative marks a significant step forward, as Amazon enters the car-buying business in earnest.

The Partnership with Hyundai

Amazon’s partnership with Hyundai will serve as the launching pad for this new venture. Starting in 2024, customers will be able to purchase a new Hyundai vehicle online through Amazon. They can then choose to either pick up the vehicle from their local dealership or have it delivered to their doorstep. The integration of Amazon’s extensive logistics network will provide customers with added convenience and flexibility.

The Benefits for Dealers and Customers

The of car sales on Amazon’s platform offers several advantages for both auto dealers and customers. For dealers, this new feature will enhance their visibility and enable them to reach a wider audience. It will provide an additional avenue for dealers to showcase their inventory and attract potential buyers. Customers, on the other hand, will benefit from the convenience of being able to research, select, and purchase a new vehicle from the comfort of their own homes. The ability to complete the entire car-buying process online will save customers time and effort.

The Impact on the Market

The announcement of Amazon’s foray into car sales had an immediate impact on the market. Shares of used car dealers, such as Carmax and Carvana, as well as new car dealers, including Lithia Motors and AutoNation, experienced a decline following the news. The stock prices of these companies closed down between 5% and 6% on Thursday. The market reaction reflects the potential disruption that Amazon’s entry into the car-buying business could have on traditional dealerships.

Overcoming Legal Challenges

While Amazon’s move into car sales is a significant development, it is important to note that the dealer remains the end seller. Traditional automakers, like Hyundai, have complex relationships with dealers, often backed by state laws that prohibit or make it challenging to sell new vehicles directly to consumers. Tesla and other electric vehicle startups have found ways to navigate these legal obstacles, either by originating sales in states that allow direct sales or by taking legal action. The laws surrounding used vehicle sales are generally less stringent, making it easier for companies like Carvana to sell preowned cars directly to consumers online.


Amazon’s decision to allow auto dealers to sell cars through its platform marks a major milestone in the company’s expansion into the automotive industry. This move will provide customers with a seamless online car-buying experience, offering convenience and choice. While the impact on traditional dealerships remains to be seen, it is clear that Amazon’s entry into the market has already sent ripples through the industry. As the e-commerce giant continues to innovate and disrupt various sectors, the automotive industry is the latest to feel its transformative effects.






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