Tales of Trails: A Thanksgiving Hike

Exploring the Adventurous Side of Moab’s Fisher Towers

Moab, a small town in Utah known for its stunning natural landscapes and outdoor adventures, offers a plethora of hiking trails for all levels of enthusiasts. On a Thanksgiving Day hike to Fisher Towers, the author had hoped for a serene and contemplative experience. However, what they encountered was an unexpected immersion into the world of adventure sports. From powered parachutes to rock climbers scaling towering cliffs, the hike became a thrilling exploration of Moab’s spirit of adventure.

A Rocky Start

Setting out with a friend, Joe, the author’s plans for an extensive hike in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park were thwarted by Joe’s head cold. Undeterred, they embarked on a less strenuous trail to witness the renowned Cutler and Moenkopi sandstone towers. The towers, resembling a blend of gothic architecture and New York brownstones, offered a unique perspective for the author, who was experiencing the West for the first time.

A Symphony of Adventure

As the author and Joe began their hike, the sound of buzzing engines filled the air. Powered parachutes soared above, adding an unexpected element to the scenery. Despite the cold temperatures, adrenaline seemed to fuel the parachuters as they climbed towards the clouds. Undeterred by the buzzing overhead, the duo continued their journey towards the Ancient Art tower. To their surprise, a figure perched on the rock above leaped off, deploying a parachute and gracefully gliding down to the trail below.

A Playground for Thrill-Seekers

Ascending further, the author and Joe found themselves surrounded by a host of adventure enthusiasts. Rock climbers scaled intricate towers, their voices echoing through the canyon. Families on a holiday hike enjoyed the sweeping views, while base jumpers soared through the sky. The trail, a mix of dirt, rock, and occasional obstacles like ladders and steep sandstone, offered a fun and achievable challenge. The presence of towering structures like Castleton Tower added to the awe-inspiring experience.

Unexpected Encounters

Reaching the summit, the duo sat down to take in the breathtaking view. However, their tranquility was interrupted by the arrival of a helicopter landing on a flat rock surface hundreds of feet in the air. Disembarking passengers added an air of mystery to the scene. Suddenly, a person in a wingsuit dove towards the earth, defying gravity without a parachute. The figure disappeared behind a tower before reappearing, showcasing the audacity and skill of adventure sports enthusiasts.


While the Fisher Towers hike may not have provided the serenity the author had initially sought, it offered something even more exhilarating: a true Moab adventure. The juxtaposition of ancient rocks, sweeping views, and exposure to adventure sports showcased the spirit of the town. The proximity to high-risk activities, though not necessarily something the author would personally attempt, served as a reminder that the seemingly impossible can become possible. Fisher Towers exemplifies the essence of Moab, where the spirit of adventure is always within reach, inspiring visitors to embrace their own sense of possibility.






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